NetHope accelerates access to life-saving services

Tackling humanitarian challenges by connecting nonprofits, tech companies, and funders.

Expanding impact through technology


Wi-Fi sites set up for refugees in the past five years


Disaster deployments to date


NGO member organizations, representing over 63% of the humanitarian sector


Technology partners

Generating collective impact for social good and environmental action

NetHope unites over 60 leading global nonprofits with technology and funding partners to design, fund, implement, adapt, and scale innovative approaches to solve humanitarian, conservation, and development challenges.

  • NetHope enables its members to reduce the time it takes to reconnect life-saving digital networks and recover more quickly from disasters.
  • NetHope focuses on enhancing shared nonprofit cybersecurity capabilities to help preserve program continuity for the 1.2 billion people served.
  • NetHope is seeding next-generation climate collaboratives and digital solutions in climate-affected communities in more than 190 countries.

We need a whole-of-society and people-centered approach to end the digital divide by 2030. We support the international community in working together to make meaningful connectivity a reality for everyone.

Lance Pierce, NetHope CEO

Driving collaboration and innovation since 2001

Cisco helped establish NetHope in 2001 in collaboration with Save the Children–and has supported the organization with equipment, employee time, and expertise ever since. Here's how:

  • Technical expertise and human resources: Cisco employee fellows have played key organizational roles over the years, and Cisco Crisis Response (CCR) engineers provide extensive technical support.
  • Cash grants: Cisco has provided grants to support disaster response and enable continued program development.
  • Product grants: Cisco provides NetHope with product grants to support implementations around the world, including $4M in Meraki equipment to assist in refugee crises.

Digital Breakthrough Initiative

Cisco and NetHope recently announced a 5-year, USD$15M initiative to drive emergency preparedness.

8725+ unique network users

NetHope current supports 8725+ unique network users worldwide, and has handed over 86 networks to local partners to ensure sustainable, localized support (running total as of December 2022).

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Meet our community partners

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation partner with innovative nonprofits to deliver transformative, tech-driven solutions for education, economic empowerment, crisis response, and climate impact.