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CSR Education

Tomorrow’s global problem solvers

Education is a core part of our mission to help solve society’s toughest problems. Cisco Networking Academy builds IT and career skills that empower people to thrive in the digital economy. And through Cisco grants and donations of our technology, we help improve access to quality education worldwide.

Networking Academy empowers women in IT

Networking Academy graduate Megan Chapman details her journey from student at Stanly Community College to IT professional in North Carolina.

    Engaging students in STEM education

    As a global technology leader, we understand the value of digital skills and education. This drives our effort to increase student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Building students’ skills in these disciplines is the first step in developing a sustainable workforce for the digital economy.

    Educating millions

    Working with 12,100 organizations in 180 countries, Cisco Networking Academy is empowering people with the skills to thrive in a digital economy.

    More access to quality education

    The education programs we support engage students early in their lives, improving their academic performance, and increasing the chance they will advance to post-secondary education. And our own Cisco Networking Academy is preparing millions of students for careers in technology.

    31% increase in teacher retention through New Teacher Center's data-centric training approach.

    100% increase in reach for Science Buddies, which now helps nearly 18 million students build literacy in science and technology.

    10.9 million people worldwide have gained digital skills through Cisco Networking Academy.

    GPS: The Series

    GPS: The Series engages middle school students with a team of teens from around the globe who use technology to solve real-world problems.

    Workforce of the future

    Cultivating digital talent

    A pipeline of experts in networking, security, and IoT is critical to a healthy economy.

    Connecting remote students

    Collaboration tools connect isolated students in northern Canada with learning resources.

    Discovering IT opportunities

    A Cisco Networking Academy instructor motivates students with the promise of IT jobs.

    CSR Report 2019

    Discover how Cisco is putting our people, technology, and resources to work in service of an inclusive future, where technology gives everyone the tools to thrive.

    Giving every child a chance

    Helping students conquer math

    Cisco helps a nonprofit scale instructional software to more than 1 million students.

    After-school program succeeds

    Pairing Cisco mentors with at-risk students reduces drop-out rates and leads to more graduations.

    Students transform their schools

    GenYES prepares teams of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) to support K-12 teachers and IT staff.