Tech-Enabled Mentoring Helps Teachers Thrive

New Teacher Center’s data-driven professional development improves teacher retention, instructional quality, classroom inclusivity, and student achievement.

Dramatic gains in effectiveness


increase in one district’s teacher retention after two years of support


students reached in 2019-2020

25K + 8K

teachers and instructional leaders reached in 2019-2020

400 districts

participating across 22 states

Striving for educator effectiveness and equity

New Teacher Center’s comprehensive professional learning program:

  • Uses internet-based communications technology to improve the efficiency and reach of their core products, services, and operations.
  • Partners with school systems to build an instructional culture anchored in on-the-job professional learning that is rooted in equity, rigorous standards, and curriculum.
  • Disrupts the predictability of educational inequities for systemically underserved students by accelerating educator effectiveness.
  • Cultivates mindsets and actions to dismantle education inequities and empower communities.
  • Holds and supports all students, regardless of their race or background, to the highest standards of academic success. 

New Teacher Center provides high-quality professional learning, leadership development, and coaching for educators who serve students with the highest needs. With this support, educators are more effective at all levels -- they stay in the profession longer while their students learn more.

Desmond K. Blackburn, PhD, CEO, New Teacher Center

Building student-teacher trust by reducing bias

Cisco has supported the development of New Teacher Center’s high-tech solutions:

  • Cisco’s latest support helped to launch the Classroom Connection Program—a psychologically robust program that protects teacher-student relationships from the harmful effects of stigma and bias.
  • The program helps teachers build the strong, empathic relationships that provide students with the trust, respect, and psychological safety essential to whole child development.
  • With Cisco’s support in 2019-2020, the Classroom Connections Program pilot directly served 72 teachers and 1,588 students.
  • The Program evolved based on lessons learned during the piloting process, and it continues to grow and scale.
  • Cisco’s support has benefited the 25,000 teachers that New Teacher Center serves annually, helping to impact 1.8 million students.

Five months of extra learning

Students of NTC-supported teachers gained up to 5 months of additional learning in English language arts and math (SRI International, 2017).

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