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CSR Community Partners

Creating digital solutions to social problems

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation discover the best ideas to solve social problems, and we help make them a reality by providing funding, technology donations, and expertise.

Working through nonprofit partners, we help create technology-based solutions for economic empowerment, education, critical human needs, and disaster relief, improving lives around the globe.

Access to education partners

We identify partners with innovative, technology-based programs that improve student performance and engagement, particularly in STEM studies and among underserved communities. Learn more.

114th Partnership (United States)

114th Partnership helps young people navigate education and career pathways by converting real workplace challenges into Spark 101 Interactive STEM Videos and 114th Professional Challenges, each designed to increase students’ equitable access to and engagement in workforce skills that can lead to high-growth careers.

CODE.org (multinational, including United States)

Code.org is dedicated to expanding access to computer science education in schools and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities. With Cisco's support, Code.org is working to expand its reach globally.

CommonLit (United States)

CommonLit delivers open-source, flexible, and research-based instructional materials created by teachers, for teachers to support literacy development for students. Cisco's investment will enable millions of teachers and students to better synthesize, analyze, and evaluate literature by digitally annotating and highlighting text.

FIRST (multinational, including United States)

FIRST creates teams of students that research real-world problems. Cisco supported the FIRST LEGO League with a focus on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the ranks of its volunteers and student participants. The success of the pilot led to subsequent support for replication throughout the Americas and Europe.

Generation YES (United States)

Generation Yes (GenYES) prepares students to support K-12 teachers and IT staff as they integrate technology to improve learning. Cisco helped save one district an estimated US$50,000 over a 6-month period.

Gooru Learning (multinational, including United States)

This program encourages teachers and students to interact with each other while learning. Cisco supported development of a free search engine for easy access to teacher-created lesson plans, content, and assessments, which is now reaching 2.6 million students globally each year.

MIND Research Institute (United States)

The Institute works to inspire students with a love of math. Cisco cash grants have supported the conversion of math instructional software to an online format, extending its reach from 12,000 elementary students to over 1 million. 

My Options (United States)

My Options, now an initiative of ACT.org, is the nation’s largest college and career planning program. Cisco support has helped develop tools to connect STEM organizations with real-time, actionable data and intelligence to identify students who are interested in STEM career pathways.

New Leaders (United States)

Cisco support in the form of product donations is helping New Leaders to strengthen their remote access infrastructure enabling the launch of new programs to serve more educators and build a more diverse school leader pipeline nationwide.

New Teacher Center (United States)

New Teacher Center's mission is to improve student learning by helping teachers and school leaders become more effective. They serve educators in over 500 schools across 31 states.

Reynolds Center (United States)

Cisco has supported the development of Reynolds Center’s digital 2D/3D fabrication curriculum, FAB@School, which has resulted in increased math performance and interest in STEM in elementary and middle school students.

Roadtrip Nation (United States)

Roadtrip Nation helps students connect their interests to potential careers. With Cisco support, Roadtrip Nation has developed tools and curriculum that have been proven to increase students’ academic performance and confidence in their ability to succeed.

Science Buddies (multinational, including United States)

Cisco has supported the efforts of Science Buddies to provide a dynamic, engaging stream of STEM-related content to students. To date, the organization’s educational resources have reached over 18 million people in 147 countries, focusing on female and other underserved populations. Four out of five educators felt more empowered to teach STEM topics that are outside of their areas of expertise after accessing Science Buddies’ resources.

TalkingPoints (United States)

Cisco has provided early-stage support of TalkingPoints’ multilingual family engagement platform. This tool enables educators to communicate with parents in their home languages – and to build relationships that help students from diverse and underserved communities improve their attendance and performance through increased parental involvement.

Technovation (multinational, including United States)

Technovation’s mission is to empower the world’s underrepresented young people, especially girls, to become innovators and leaders in engineering and technology. Cisco supports efforts to scale their new “challenge” content globally, increasing student interest in STEM through problem solving, parental involvement, and mentorship.

War Child (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco supports the Can’t Wait To Learn program, which offers education games localized for children in war-torn countries and is estimated to provide access to 170,000 children in African countries and the Middle East by the end of 2020.

Economic empowerment partners

Cisco supports technology-based programs that connect underserved people to relevant skills, meaningful employment, entrepreneurial opportunities, financial products and services, and other resources they need to thrive in the digital economy. Learn more.

AnnieCannons (United States)

AnnieCannons is transforming survivors of human trafficking into technology professionals. Beginning with the premise that economic opportunity is the key to breaking the cycle of exploitation, the organization trains students to build in-demand technology skills by providing quality software services to real-world clients.Cisco is providing support to help their overall organizational growth, and to improve the delivery and effectiveness of their programs. We have also provided donations of Cisco technology to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Anudip (multinational, including United States)

Cisco supports Anudip's efforts to provide technical training, life skills coaching, and IT-based employment opportunities to low-income women and youth in India.

Astia (multinational, including United States)

Astia is transforming the way businesses are funded in the here and now -- providing capital, connections, and guidance that fuel the growth of best-in-class female high-growth entrepreneurs. Cisco is supporting Astia Connect, leveraging technology to enable Astia advisors, entrepreneurs, and investors to develop deeper connections while helping Astia to improve the scale, efficiency, and impact of their work.

CARE (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco is helping CARE digitize its successful Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) initiative, where women provide loans to each other and establish savings groups. The program has enabled five million people across more than 30 countries.

Digital Divide Data (multinational, including United States)

Digital Divide Data provides education and employment  opportunities to young people in emerging economies, as well as veterans and military spouses in the United States. Cisco support has helped DDD replicate its innovative model across Asia, Africa, and the United States.

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) (United States)

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) is accelerating economic and social impact through entrepreneurship in mid-sized cities in the United States. It supports entrepreneurial growth via an innovative small business/nonprofit accelerator.  Cisco is supporting EforAll to digitize its internal operations, entrepreneur outreach and support, and impact evaluation.

Good World Solutions (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco has invested in Labor Link, a mobile technology platform that increases transparency and gives workers a voice in global supply chains. Workers can anonymously report working conditions and receive information on work-related issues, training, and financial literacy.

Innovations for Poverty Action (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco supports the Poverty Probability Index (PPI), a measurement tool for organizations and businesses with a mission to serve the poor. It measures poverty outreach, improves social performance, and tracks changes in poverty levels over time.

Kiva (multinational, including United States)

Cisco has supported multiple Kiva initiatives to help more people access loans for agriculture, water and sanitation, clean energy, higher education, health, and information and communication technology, including implementing their model in the United States.

Laboratoria (multinational, not including United States)

Laboratoria empowers young women from low-income backgrounds in Latin America by giving them access to education and work in the digital sector. Cisco is providing support to e-enable their assessment, learning, and evaluation platform.

Living Goods (multinational, not including United States)

With Cisco’s support, Living Goods has developed and implemented a mobile technology platform to increase the scale, efficiency, and effectiveness of its micro-entrepreneur network and health outcomes for women and children in Uganda and Kenya.

NESsT (multinational, not including United States)

NESsT develops sustainable social enterprises that solve critical social problems in emerging market economies. Cisco is supporting NESst in developing its online capacity-building tools to support social enterprises. 

Opportunity International (multinational, not including United States)

With Cisco support, Opportunity International is designing and delivering mobile banking products and training to low-income people globally who lack access to financial products and services.

TaroWorks (multinational, not including United States)

TaroWorks is a social enterprise that sells advanced mobile platform data. Cisco supports its mission to improve product and service delivery to the poor by bringing real-time data to any organization, anywhere. 

Critical human needs partners

Cisco makes strategic investments in organizations that improve the speed and efficiency of meeting critical human needs, such as food, potable water, shelter, and disaster relief. Learn more.

Akvo (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco has supported the development of the open-source Field Level Operations Watch (FLOW) tool, which enables organizations to gather and evaluate water-related data via mobile and other technologies.

American Red Cross (multinational, including United States)

Cisco partners with the American Red Cross to respond to disasters through cash grants, employee giving campaigns, and volunteers who offer relief services to people affected by natural disasters.

Atma Connect (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco has supported the development of AtmaGo, a peer-to-peer communication platform and community engagement tool used for disaster preparation and recovery operations. AtmaGo has reached over 500,000 users in Indonesia.

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco has supported the Centre’s development and distribution of knowledge and training products and services for those implementing water and sanitation programs in underdeveloped communities.

Community Solutions (United States)

The 100,000 Homes Campaign found safe places to live for vulnerable, chronically homeless people across the country with Cisco’s support. 

Destination: Home (United States)

Silicon Valley is home to some of the nation’s most prosperous communities, yet it suffers from the third highest rate of chronic homelessness in the United States. Destination: Home is working to make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring in Santa Clara County. In 2018, Cisco announced a five-year, $50 million commitment to help accelerate development of new housing, use technology to improve coordination of existing resources, and offer support to prevent homelessness for individuals and families at risk.

Digital Green (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco has supported Digital Green's Loop program, which leverages mobile technology to improve smallholder farmers' access to markets—digitizing the aggregation, transport, and payment process and helping farmers realize the highest possible income from their sales. 

Feeding America (United States)

Cisco support for a new transportation management system streamlined services for a network of 200-member food banks, leading to a projected savings of US$1.5 million over 5 years or 12 million meals.

Habitat for Humanity (multinational, including United States)

This global organization works to eliminate poverty and homelessness with affordable housing. Cisco provides cash grants and matches employee volunteer time with cash contributions.

Housing Trust Silicon Valley (United States)

The Housing Trust makes loans and grants to increase the supply of affordable housing. Cisco has supported its lending programs to enable the construction of permanently affordable rental properties for low income residents.

KoboToolbox (multinational, including United States)

KoboToolbox is a free and open-source data collection, management, and sharing platform for humanitarian aid organizations. Cisco supported the re-launch of the ToolBox in 2014 and has since supported the development of additional features.

Mercy Corps (multinational, including United States)

Mercy Corps has been a Cisco community partner since 2006 and has received numerous grants to help transform communities around the world.

myAgro (multinational, not including United States)

myAgro’s mission is to move smallholder farmers out of poverty. Their flagship product, Mobile Layaway, helps farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa save to buy seeds, fertilizer, and training using their mobile phones. Cisco has supported investments in myAgro’s platform to enable greater scale throughout Africa.

NetHope (multinational, including United States)

NetHope helps its 53-member consortium of aid NGOs use technology to coordinate and speed disaster relief efforts. Cisco has helped build technology capacity to improve the effectiveness of its member organizations.

Portland State University (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco supported the research and development for a PSU-owned initiative, SweetSense, which makes low-cost remote sensors for the water sector that can improve the reliability and sustainability of water service delivery. The sensors alert local maintenance workers via SMS when a water point breaks down, reducing response time and downtime of water points.

Ushahidi (multinational, including United States)

The Ushahidi platform, which Cisco has supported, is a crowd-sourced, freely shared mapping and content management system to improve collaboration and coordination of disaster response and relief efforts.

World Food Programme (multinational, not including United States)

Cisco has supported development of two-way mobile communication tools for WFP’s Mobile Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping program, enabling WFP to track food security trends in real-time, providing critical data to support humanitarian decision-making.

Additional partners

Cisco occasionally supports organizations outside or across our investment areas when we discover highly innovative uses of IT or an opportunity to scale the impact of our support for nonprofits.

Network for Good (United States)

As a founding partner, Cisco has supported the expansion of Network for Good's Internet-based resources to help nonprofits raise funds, communicate, and strategize. 

South Africa Education Trust (South Africa)

The Trust was created in 2008 to support increasing access to education for black South African students. For example, the King’s School provides primary school education (tuition and boarding) to seven least-served black South African students with support from the Trust.

TechSoup (multinational, including United States)

Cisco and TechSoup work together to connect nonprofits and public libraries with donated and discounted technology products for social benefit across the globe.

Explore our grant programs

Product Grant Program

We donate networking technology to help nonprofits make innovative use of the Internet.

Global Impact Cash Grants

Funding to multiply the results of organizations with national or multinational operations.

Bay Area Community Impact Grants

Support Bay Area programs within a 50-mile radius of our San Jose, California headquarters.