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See how TalkingPoints is building meaningful connections between schools, teachers, students, and their families.

Reaching students, enabling success


students, parents, and teachers impacted


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of students come from non-English speaking families

Eliminating language barriers

In the US 1 in 4 children are born to immigrant families. Non-English speaking parents lack understanding and support to help their children, while teachers lack the tools to effectively communicate with these parents. Here’s how TalkingPoints helps:

  • TalkingPoints is a multilingual, family engagement platform with two-way translation and coaching that promotes family engagement and drives learning outcomes.
  • The technology empowers teachers and parents to build strong partnerships, change mindsets and increase their capacity to support students.
  • Since 2015, Talking Points has supported family engagement and teacher-family connections—reaching 4.5M students, parents and teachers, with over 200 million conversations facilitated between families and educators to date.
  • 89% of schools served by TalkingPoints are Title I eligible.

Cisco has supported our urgently growing need to scale and serve more students, families and educators to address learning loss. Thanks to Cisco's support, we tripled our reach in a single quarter, serving millions of families this year to stay connected and informed about their children's learning through expanding TalkingPoints' organizational infrastructure in every direction.

Heejae Lim, TalkingPoints Founder and CEO

Providing critical infrastructure

Since 2018, Cisco has helped TalkingPoints with:

  • Enabling improved collaboration and data analysis via enhanced infrastructure.
  • Developing teacher capacity to engage parents in underserved, diverse communities.
  • Helping to design and push out parent- and teacher-facing coaching with a new mobile app.
  • Welcoming 40 new districts covering 700+ school partners during the COVID-19 related distance learning program.
  • Deployed TalkingPoints for districts at scale; increased accessibility across all products through new features; streamlined and expanded machine translation to support highest-need languages; and improved tech infrastructure, security, and bandwidth at scale.

Cisco is currently supporting Talking Points to help develop educator capacity to work with families through the multilingual family engagement platform, leading to improved student outcomes.

200 million message exchanged

TalkingPoints' platform has enabled over 200 million message exchanges to date, with more than 100,000 teachers communicating with families each year.

Help TalkingPoints reach more families

Thanks to generous contributions from donors, TalkingPoints is able to keep its platform free for individual teachers and families and build relationships for student success.

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