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CSR Economic Empowerment

Investing in human potential

By supporting technology innovations, we empower people to thrive in the digital economy. Our solutions create IT careers for youth in Asia, support entrepreneurs in Latin America, and enable access to financial resources in Africa. These efforts help lift people out of poverty, support community development, and drive economic growth.

Empowering underserved communities

Society prospers when more people contribute to their local economies. Through cash grants, advisory support, and donations of Cisco technology, we accelerate global problem solving by creating opportunities for underserved communities worldwide.

Through a global network of partners, we’re forming pathways to success for disadvantaged youth, helping women in developing nations become financially self-sufficient, and matching U.S. military veterans to civilian jobs.

Solutions that scale

To accelerate global problem solving, we need financially sustainable solutions that address different issues in different parts of the world. That’s why we invest in early-stage solutions that leverage technology to create meaningful impact at scale.

Human impact investing

Measuring the results of our economic empowerment investments is critical. Whether employing healthcare agents in remote villages of Africa, training future IT workers in India, or helping U.S. military veterans find civilian jobs, we’re having a measurable impact. 

27% reduction in child mortality rate at an average cost of just US$2 per person per year through Living Goods

11 million people gained access to financial services through Opportunity International

75% employment for low income youth and women in India trained through Anudip

Impact stories

A world free from poverty

With financial services and training, all people have the opportunity to achieve life free from poverty.

Creating opportunities for survivors

AnnieCannons helps women break the cycle of exploitation by providing tech training to survivors of human trafficking.

Supporting social enterprises

NESsT supports social enterprises that provide relevant skills training and employment opportunities for low-income communities.

CSR Report 2019

Discover how Cisco is putting our people, technology, and resources to work in service of an inclusive future, where technology gives everyone the tools to thrive.

Social change agents making a difference

Empowering young women

Laboratoria empowers young women from low-income backgrounds in Latin America by giving them access to education and work in the digital sector.

Lending to the underserved

Kiva reshapes access to financial services around the world by providing an online, crowdsourced, peer-to-peer lending network for underserved individuals globally.

Life-saving jobs in Africa

A network of health workers delivers vital information and products to those who need it.

Connecting youth to India’s IT sector

See how Cisco helped Anudip reach 70,000 young people in India with IT skills training and employment programs.