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Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge

Solving the world’s toughest problems

The Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is an online competition that awards cash prizes to early-stage tech entrepreneurs solving the world’s toughest problems. We are passionate about inspiring a generation that wants to use technology for social good.

Meet Savanna Circuit Tech

Savanna Circuit Tech won the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2020 Grand Prize of $100,000 USD. Their solar chilling in-transit system helps dairy businesses in Africa cut post-harvest losses.

Addressing public health and education

Meet OmniVis

OmniVis is developing handheld devices to rapidly detect for dangerous pathogens, like cholera in water samples.

Meet Jara

The Jara Unit will provide emergency education in disaster-stricken areas through the power of IoT.

Meet Oorja

Oorja finances, installs, and operates pay-as-you-go community solar pumps. Farmers access year-round affordable irrigation as a service—known as Oonnati—with no upfront cost.

Meet CareNX

Delivering life-saving fetal health monitoring in remote areas of India through mobile technology.

Interviews with more 2020 winners


CURE creates customizable 3D-printed bionic arms for people with limb differences.

Meet Gramhal

Gramhal empowers farmers and enables them to access better prices for their produce.


INFIUSS is a blood sourcing and delivery platform that connects blood donations to patients.

Meet Respira Labs

Respira Labs is developing a device for continuous, at-home monitoring of lung function.

Meet Sensegrass

Sensegrass created a smart farming solution that combines IoT sensors and AI software.

Meet Intelligent Hives

Intelligent Hives offers an apiary management system that reduces bee extinction.

Meet Majicom

Majicom is developing a water kiosk that purifies and dispenses clean, affordable water in a sustainable way.

Meet Neurafarm

Neurafarm developed an AI-powered crop protection and management app to increase harvests.

Meet Preemar

Preemar makes an IoT device, Pro-viden, that reduces aquaculture losses by monitoring water quality data.

Meet Caeli

Caeli is developing an anti-pollution mask that continuously monitors air quality in real time.

2020 CSR Impact Report and ESG Hub

Cisco is putting people, technology, and resources to work in service of an inclusive future where technology gives everyone the tools to thrive. Visit our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Hub.