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Community Partners and Grants

We partner with nonprofit organizations around the world, helping them solve global problems through cash grants, technology, and shared expertise.

Global problem solving

Through the strategic use of technology, social innovators can magnify the impact of their work. As a critical part of our goal to positively impact 1 billion people by 2025, we invest in scalable technology solutions that allow our partners to pursue sustainable approaches to societal and environmental problems.

Far-reaching impact

We support a range of nonprofits, NGOs, and community-based organizations working locally, nationally, and on a global scale.

Aligning technology with problem solvers

Community partners

Empowering global problem solvers with resources and technology to make a difference.  


Funding early-stage technology solutions that can scale and be replicated.

Cisco helps nonprofits accelerate global problem solving

Together with our nonprofit partners, we are harnessing the power of technology to create new and better opportunities for people.

CSR Report 2019

Discover how Cisco is putting our people, technology, and resources to work in service of an inclusive future, where technology gives everyone the tools to thrive.

News and events

Empowering students to learn math at home

Despite school closures, MIND Research Institute is helping students by giving parents direct access to their ST MATH program.

Microloans support small businesses

Cisco has partnered with Kiva on initiatives in the past and now supports Kiva's efforts to provide zero interest loans to small businesses.

Providing housing and hope

Destination: Home responds to the homelessness crisis using research and ingenuity.