Video Conferencing Guide

Get Face-to-Face Instantly For Less Money

  • Learn the benefits of video conferencing
  • See if it is right for you or your company
  • Choose the right equipment and vendor
  • How to avoid pitfalls and problems

There are different categories of video conferencing systems and "one size does not fit all."

Prior to your purchase, the Video Collaboration Guide helps you launch an internal audit that can help determine the best video conferencing solution for your goals.

The guide provides a checklist of questions to ask before you start your video conferencing vendor search, such as:

  • What kind of information do you exchange (product details, spreadsheets, multimedia, high security information)?
  • Would it be helpful to see and speak to colleagues either at their desk or at their home office?
  • Will you be communicating visually with suppliers, customers, partners, or anyone outside of your firewall?
  • How many sites would you like to connect in one meeting?
  • How many people would participate in each type of meeting, in each location?
  • How many calls might be occurring simultaneously?
  • Do you require the true-to-life visual quality of High Definition Video Conferencing?
  • What bandwidth will be optimal for your communications?
  • Do you want a fully integrated system or a set-top solution where you can use an existing monitor?
  • Will you need to record or stream video calls such as CEO briefings or trainings, for those who were not in attendance?