Customer Transformations in Healthcare

Telepresence Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Demands on the healthcare industry are drastically increasing as the population ages. Finding innovative and efficient means to manage escalating costs, accelerate field learning, deliver high-quality care, and maximize use of skilled resources is particularly important for healthcare organizations. Furthermore, organizations that deliver healthcare products and services are managing growing complexity in their supply chains, cost structures, operations, and regulatory requirements. Cisco TelePresence solutions connect everyone, everywhere to help enable healthcare organizations improve the business and clinical workflows that rely on people, expertise, and information. The combined power of telepresence and collaboration applications communicating over the Cisco network helps enable healthcare providers to improve patient care, clinical outcomes, attract and retain top physicians and streamline administration — all at lower costs.

Featured Case Study: Molina Healthcare

Featured Case Study: Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare was looking for ways to increase health plan operation efficiency while reducing costs and improving member and provider experiences. By deploying Cisco TelePresence and Unified Communications solutions, they were able to reduce travel costs by 10 percent, and cut typical meeting times down by 50 percent.

More Telepresence Case Studies for Healthcare

Healthcare Applications:

  • Telestroke — Cisco TelePresence technology gets critical-care neurologists and other specialists to patients' bedsides within 15 minutes to quickly assess and take action for stroke patients.
  • Mental Health — Cisco TelePresence technology extends the reach of doctors and improves the quality of patient care with telepsychiatry. This application provides access to qualified mental health professionals, reduces long wait times and expedites assessment and treatment.
  • Radiology/Pathology — Cisco TelePresence in the radiology and pathology units helps enable faster collaboration between departments and other hospitals, resulting in quicker and more effective diagnoses.
  • Dermatology — Cisco TelePresence helps enable dermatology specialists to meet with patients and diagnose remote patients from a central location, improving efficiency and expediting treatment.
  • Cardiology — Cisco TelePresence allows cardiologists to confer with patients, general practitioners and other specialists to review patient status to quickly and efficiently determine treatment and courses of action.
  • Dentistry — Cisco TelePresence enables dentists, periodontists and oral surgeons to confer on patients, review treatments and determine courses of action.
  • Epidemiology — Cisco TelePresence helps streamline the process of studying, collecting data, statistical analysis, documentation, identification of risk factors for disease and making determinations for optimal treatment approaches to clinical practice and for preventative medicine.
  • Remote Triage — First responders can visually communicate patient status with emergency rooms via remote tactical telepresence units to prep the ER and receive feedback and direction from ER doctors.
  • Surgical Applications — Cisco TelePresence allows surgeons to transform any surgery into an interactive learning opportunity for students, interns and other doctors.
  • Prescription Counselling — Cisco TelePresence connects doctors, pharmacists and patients to review medications and assess progress and change courses of action.
  • School/Home Health — Cisco TelePresence connects patients with doctors from home or from school infirmaries to make assessments and determine treatments.