Customer Transformations in Finance

Telepresence Applications in the Finance Industry

Financial institutions worldwide share the same primary objective: achieve profitable growth at an acceptable risk. Managing vast amounts of information to provide advice, process transactions and bring the most value to their customers is a primary focus. Whether it's financial markets, retail banking or insurance, Cisco TelePresence is helping this financial institutions worldwide provide better training, customer service, answer questions more efficiently and provide a greater variety of services at more locations.

Bank of Montreal

Featured Case Study: Bank of Montreal

With leaders and experts spread across multiple locations, Bank of Montreal (BMO) needed a solution to accelerate decision making, get everyone in agreement and provide better collaboration experiences and service to clients by scaling their expertise to many locations.

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Financial Services Applications:

  • Extend Specialty Services — Telepresence allows specialized services to extend to every branch of the institution, providing more services to customers at a lower cost.
  • Improve Business-to-Business Services — Help investment banks, asset managers, mutual and hedge funds as well as Fortune 2000 corporations collaborate with each other while managing adherence to SEC or internal compliance standards.
  • Facilitate Training for Professional Certifications and Employee Onboarding — Telepresence allows employees to gain and maintain professional certifications via on-demand and live streaming training classes while eliminating time and cost constraints of travelling to training facilities.
  • Connect Remote Offices and Branches — Telepresence allows remote and branch offices to stay closely connected to the main office(s) with instant visual collaboration
  • Improve Executive Communications — Leadership teams can experience greater connection with remote team members through regularly scheduled and ad hoc telepresence meetings for strategic planning, risk management, regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced Customer Experience — Provide customers with a broader range of financial services, faster response times and better results through instant, visual connections with customer service, subject matter experts and decision makers.
  • Streamlined Operations — Reduce costs, save time and improve efficiency with internal processes, such as:
    • Lower Legal Expenses — Review and execute documents, take affadavits and take and give depositions.
    • Create Training Efficiencies — Training many workers in geographically dispersed locations with a single video session saves time and reduces the number of corporate trainers required.
    • Improve Call Center Profitability — Coordinate call center operations via telepresence to reduce travel expenses while maintaining constant contact throughout the organization.
    • Improve IT Development Team Performance — Help dispersed development teams design, whiteboard and problem solve in real time with full audio and visual interaction to improve quality and timeliness of delivering IT projects.