Service Assurance Agent (SAA)


Service Assurance Agent (SAA) is embedded software within Cisco IOS devices that performs active monitoring. Active monitoring is the generation and analysis of traffic to measure performance between Cisco IOS devices or between Cisco IOS devices and network application servers. Active monitoring provides a unique set of performance measurements: network delay or latency, packet loss, network delay variation (jitter), availability, one-way latency, website download time, as well as other network statistics. SAA can be used to measure network health, verify service level agreements, assist with network troubleshooting, and plan network infrastructure. SAA is supported on almost all Cisco IOS devices. Enterprises and service providers routinely deploy SAA for network performance statistics and within IP networks that utilize quality of service (QoS), Voice over IP, security, Virtual Private Network (VPNs), and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). SAA provides a scalable and cost effective solution for IP service level monitoring and eliminates the deployment of dedicated active monitoring devices by including the "probe" capabilities within Cisco IOS.

The SAA product has changed name to Cisco IOS IP SLAs. Get the latest information and updates about Cisco IOS IP SLAs here.