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Key Offerings in Higher Ed

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Key Offerings in Higher Ed

Digital Transformation in Higher Education

At a digital university, students learn anywhere at any time on any device. Professors engage with students in classes and online communities or through interactive video and virtual labs, expanding the institution's reach and creating global classrooms. Researchers accelerate innovation on projects across campuses and around the globe, and obtain computing resources when they need it. Wi-Fi and sensors connect the campus through a cohesive data infrastructure that dramatically improves operational efficiency, while creating a safe and secure campus. This is the power of digitization with Cisco solutions.

Digital Learning: Empower students to learn more, in new ways and places, with new connections to resources around the globe through technology. See the offerings within Digital Learning now:

  • Connected Classroom: Enable educators and students to engage in classes, online communities, and virtual classrooms.
  • Virtual Classroom: Satisfy students' rising needs for accessibility through extended learning environments, allowing the classroom to go beyond traditional spaces.
  • Connected Research: Maximize collaboration, innovation, and acceleration in research by providing tools for faculty to conduct research efficiently.

Digital Campus: Provide safer, smarter, secure and more efficient campuses and communities. See the offerings within Digital Campus now:

  • Connected Campus: Enhance your academic excellence by integrating digital technology into all aspects of your university and community.
  • Smart Workspaces: Drive productivity with transformative and collaborative workspaces.
  • Secure Campus: Create safe and secure physical and cyber environments on your campus with our security solutions.

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