Cisco UCS Invicta

Improve Application Performance

Cisco UCS Invicta Series with Cisco UCS Director helps IT, and your business, move faster. (2:58 min)

Improve Application Performance

Application Acceleration Joins Unified Computing

UCS Invicta integrates application acceleration directly into the computing domain through fabric interconnects, creating a converged infrastructure.

    • UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance

      UCS Invicta C3124SA Appliance

      • Accelerate applications with high throughput, high I/O operations per second (IOPS), and ultra-low latency
      • Reduce energy consumption and conserve data center floor space
      • Consolidate applications to reduce licensing and maintenance costs
      • Choose from either high-performance or data-reduction mode
      • Configure the appliance with only a few easy steps
    • Cisco UCS Invicta Scaling System

      Cisco UCS Invicta Scaling System

      • Add nodes to scale performance and capacity as needed
      • Protect investment with a flexible modular array
      • Retain high application performance with a multitenant architecture
      • Reduce licensing, maintenance, and energy costs while saving floor space
      • Get faster return on investment with fast deployment

True to the Internet of Everything (IoE), Cisco UCS Invicta transacts, processes, and analyzes more data into intelligence in less time. As a result, businesses create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity. Rather than trying to keep up, UCS Invicta customers set the pace.

Business Acceleration

Today's economy demands better integration between transactional data and real-time analytics in order to successfully react to dynamic business trends. UCS Invicta accelerates applications and, as a result, accelerates business.

Organizations can implement strategies faster by removing restrictions created by traditional server and storage architectures, eliminating data center bottlenecks, and helping IT keep up with business.

IT Agility

With this end-to-end IT solution, users provision infrastructure, assign resources, and accelerate performance all within a unified management solution. Customers can start with as little as a pair of routers and nodes, according to their needs. If more throughput is needed, customers can add routers. If more performance or capacity is needed, nodes can be added.

Operational Efficiency

Deliver additional business value and improve profitability by investing in growth opportunities and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). An agile data center promotes efficiencies and consequently shifts funding from IT infrastructure and support costs to revenue-generating growth opportunities.

  • Reduce performance-tuning management and managed service providers.
  • Manage policy and service profiles through a single management console.
  • Retrieve lost performance. As applications accelerate, businesses create time.
  • Pay for results. Pay for the speed in which you accelerate applications rather than for capacity.
  • Reduce energy consumption, floor space usage, licensing and maintenance fees, and management overhead.

Application performance drives the speed of business. It is essential that these workloads consistently write and read data quickly. UCS Invicta Solid State Systems integrates application acceleration directly into the computing domain, allowing organizations to transact, process, and analyze more data into intelligence in less time. The system's scalability facilitates the acceleration of multiple applications at once.

Analytics and Intelligence

UCS Invicta gives businesses the capability to improve big data performance and analyze data in near real time using predictive and prescriptive analytics. This allows businesses to stay ahead of market conditions, rapidly compare what-if scenarios, and gain a competitive edge.

Batch Processing

Arm your business users and customers with real-time data to outpace competition with quicker data availability.

  • Reduce cost. Batch processing completes within SLAs, lowering maintenance needs.
  • Increase user satisfaction. The batch can run anytime without compromising other workload performances.

Database Loads

Accelerate database operations so that applications and your business can respond in real time. UCS Invicta application acceleration solutions provide SAP, SQL, and Oracle database applications the added boost they need to provide impactful results.

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Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, with users accessing email repositories at any time from any location using any device. Traditional email servers can experience bottlenecks, with processing outpacing the performance of I/O devices.

Cisco UCS Invicta solutions are designed to efficiently handle the high I/O demands of critical email servers. They allow data and attachments to be accessed closer to memory speeds, so they can be retrieved quickly by email applications and users.

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High-Performance Computing

Today's complex applications often require high-performance computing to run advanced programs reliably and quickly. Whether the use case is financial trading, data warehousing, medical imaging, or others, organizations can rely on Cisco solid-state systems to enhance performance.

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

For organizations that can benefit from an increase in transactions processed, faster barcode scans, quicker customer service, and achieving targeted revenue faster, Cisco UCS Invicta is the solution. In addition, effective OLTP can reduce paper trails and deliver more accurate forecasts for revenues and expenses.

Video Transcoding

The explosion of multi-platform content distribution opportunities has dramatically altered the media and entertainment landscape. To keep up, businesses need solid-state systems to allow consumers the ability to tune in to online video from different devices and screens.

Virtual Desktops

Users expect technology to respond immediately and perfectly. UCS Invicta gives users that improved experience while providing IT professionals the ability to deploy simpler and faster infrastructure for virtual desktops.

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