Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers

Unique Benefits in a Familiar Package

Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers deliver unified computing in an industry-standard form factor to reduce total cost of ownership and increase agility. Each product addresses varying workload challenges through a balance of processing, memory, I/O, and internal storage resources.

Cisco UCS SmartPlays

Cisco UCS SmartPlays

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Features and Capabilities

Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers benefits include:

  • Form-factor-agnostic entry point into Cisco UCS
  • Simplified and fast deployment of applications
  • Extension of unified computing innovations and benefits to rack servers
  • Increased customer choice with unique benefits in a familiar rack package
  • Reduction in TCO and an increase in business agility



  • Cisco UCS C460 M4 Mission-Critical Rack Server
  • This superior-performance rack server is a 4-socket, four-rack unit (4RU) system designed for the most demanding mission-critical workloads, large-scale virtualization, and database applications.

  • Cisco UCS C460 M2 High Performance Rack Server
  • This high-performance rack server is a 4-socket, 4RU, server for data-demanding applications and bare-metal and virtualized workloads.

  • Cisco UCS C260 M2 Rack Server
  • This industry-leading, high-density, expandable 2-socket, 2RU server manages workloads such as storage serving, online transaction processing, and data warehousing.


  • Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack Server
  • This storage and I/O-optimized, 2RU server delivers industry-leading performance for the most data-intensive workloads. That includes big data analytics, virtualization, and bare-metal applications.

  • Cisco UCS C220 M4 Rack Server
  • This server delivers the same functions as the UCS C240 in 1RU.

  • Cisco UCS C420 M3 Rack Server
  • This high-density, 4-socket, 2RU rack server is designed for computing, I/O, storage, and memory-intensive standalone and virtualized applications.

  • Cisco UCS C240 M3 Rack Server
  • This 2RU server offers performance and expandability over a wide range of storage-intensive infrastructure workloads, from big data to collaboration.

  • Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rack Server
  • This 1RU server offers superior performance and density over a wide range of workloads, from web serving to distributed database

Dense Storage

  • Cisco UCS C3160 Rack Server
  • This modular rack server offers high storage density targeted at environments deploying OpenStack, Ceph-based object stores, and other software-defined and distributed storage environments.

  • Cisco UCS C3260 Rack Server
  • This high-availability, modular rack server offers high storage density to deploy big data applications, software-defined storage environments, Microsoft Storage Spaces, and unstructured data depositories.


  • Cisco UCS C24 M3 Rack Server
  • This 2RU, 2-socket rack server offers outstanding economics and internal expandability over a range of storage-intensive infrastructure workloads, from IT and web infrastructure to big data.

  • Cisco UCS C22 M3 Rack Server
  • This 1RU, 2-socket rack server combines outstanding economics and a density-optimized feature set over a range of scale-out workloads, from IT and web infrastructure to distributed applications.
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