Extended detection and response (XDR)

Detect and respond to the most complex threats

Empower your security operations (SecOps) team to confidently respond to the most sophisticated threats with better visibility and actionable insights across networks, cloud, endpoints, email, and more.


Reduce complexity and alert-fatigue with a unified view

Security teams are under more pressure than ever to defend an ever-expanding attack surface. The right XDR approach simplifies threat detection and response to increase resilience.

Extensive integrations to detect more

The open and extensible Cisco XDR integrates with the broad Cisco security portfolio and select third-party tools, so customers can detect, investigate, and prioritize better with contextual insights.



Built with security practitioners in mind

Cisco XDR offers out-of-the-box playbooks' automated response actions to shorten the path from detection to response and provides critical intelligence to build resilience against future attacks.

Cisco XDR. Security Operations Simplified.

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Get to security resilience with a holistic approach that provides visibility across your entire ecosystem, so you can see threats clearly and respond accordingly.

Detect the most sophisticated threats sooner across all vectors and prioritize by impact for faster responses.


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Stay ahead of the latest threats with simplified, automated endpoint security.


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Protect against damaging and costly email threats that can compromise your brand and operations.


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Get cloud security that delivers end-to-end visibility and one of the industry's top threat protections.


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Achieve powerful network visibility to find sophisticated, covert threats, and suspicious behavior.


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The Cisco XDR approach

Detect the most sophisticated threats

Gain visibility and take informed action with data-backed intel with a multi-vector, multi-vendor approach optimized for open environments.​

Act on what truly matters, faster

Equip your security teams with effective threat prioritization, streamlined investigations, and evidence-backed recommendations.​

Elevate productivity

Cut through the noise and ease the skill shortage with automation capabilities to boost your security resources for optimal value.​

Build resilience

Close security gaps and anticipate what's ahead to prepare for future threats. Get stronger every day with continuous improvement.

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