Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference
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Cisco IOS Voice Commands:

watcher all

Cisco IOS Voice Commands:

This chapter contains commands to configure and maintain Cisco IOS voice applications. The commands are presented in alphabetical order. Some commands required for configuring voice may be found in other Cisco IOS command references. Use the command reference master index or search online to find these commands.

For detailed information on how to configure these applications and features, refer to the Cisco IOS Voice Configuration Guide.

watcher all

To allow an external watcher to monitor an internal presentity, use the watcher all command in presence configuration mode. To disable monitoring by external watchers, use the no form of this command.

watcher all

no watcher all

Syntax Description

This command has no arguments or keywords.

Command Default

Only internal watchers are allowed when presence is enabled.

Command Modes

Presence configuration (config-presence)

Command History



This command was introduced.


This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.4(15)T.

Usage Guidelines

This command allows external watchers on a remote router connected through a SIP trunk to monitor internal directory numbers. You must enable the allow watch command on the internal directory numbers that are watched. To allow external watching from the remote router, you must enable the allow subscribe command on the remote router.


The following example shows how to enable external watching of an internal presentity:

Router(config)# presence
Router(config-presence)# watcher all

Related Commands


allow subscribe

Allows internal watchers to monitor external presentities.

allow watch

Allows a directory number on a phone registered to Cisco Unified CME to be watched in a presence service.


Enables presence service on the router and enters presence configuration mode.

presence enable

Allows incoming presence requests from SIP trunks.


Specifies the IP address of a presence server for sending presence requests from internal watchers to external presence entities.

show presence global

Displays configuration information about the presence service.

show presence subscription

Displays information about active presence subscriptions.