Cisco Unified Communications System for IP Telephony Release 6.0(1)

Call Load Testing

Call Load Testing

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Call load testing captures the results of busy hour call attempts (BHCA) tests. BHCA tests measure the volume of calls generated and handled, regardless of whether the calls are answered. The BHCA data is used in capacity calculations. Review Call Load Testing Opens new windowfor an overview of the call loads that were tested with these site models:

Very Large Campus with Clustering over the WAN

Multisite Centralized, Clustering over the WAN with Unified SRST

Large SIP Site

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.2(3) Interoperability Site

Small Campus SIP Unified Communications Manager Express Site

Small Campus H.323 Unified Communications Manager Express Site

Medium Business with Remote Locations

See also Develop Traffic Engineering Specifications on the Design tab for more information on capacity calculations.