Cisco Unified Communications System for IP Telephony Release 6.0(1)

Cisco Unified Service Monitor

Cisco Unified Service Monitor

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Cisco Unified Service Monitor monitors, evaluates, and generates reports on user experience metrics associated with active calls on the Cisco Unified Communications system. It provides a comprehensive list of voice-impairment metrics useful in troubleshooting voice-quality issues. User experience reports generated by the system also provide a listing and details of the endpoints (phones, gateways) that are most frequently affected by voice-quality issues.

Cisco Unified Service Monitor includes the following hardware and software components:

Cisco 1040 Sensors, deployed close to the endpoint (IP phone, gateway, or voice-mail system), that monitor and evaluate call quality and report this information for active calls in near real time.

Cisco Unified Service Monitor software operating on a Windows 2003 server platform that receives voice-quality information from Cisco 1040 Sensors as well as from Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers. Users can configure mean opinion score (MOS) thresholds on a per-codec basis; alerts are sent to an upstream application such as Cisco Unified Operations Manager when an MOS threshold is violated. This ability allows users to identify endpoints that are most affected by voice-quality issues and understand the service-quality experience at a system level.

Cisco 1040 Sensor voice-quality measurement capability can be used to measure voice quality for active calls made between a Cisco Unified IP phone and another Cisco Unified IP phone or voice gateway or voice-mail system. Additionally, Cisco Voice Transmission Quality (VTQ) support provides continuous voice-quality measurement for calls made from endpoints that support VTQ, such as Cisco Unified IP Phones 794x, 796x, or 797x. VTQ is an endpoint MOS estimation algorithm as described in the ITU P.564 standard a VTQ score represents the weighted estimate of "average user" annoyance caused by effective packet loss. The combination of Cisco 1040 Sensor functionality and VTQ support provides comprehensive voice-quality measurement to monitor key Cisco Unified IP phones (for example, executives or critical users) in real time and to track voice quality for all the calls in the system.

For more information on Cisco Unified Service Monitor, see the documentation available at: Opens new window