show port-channel summary

To display summary information about EtherChannels, use the show port-channel summary command.

show port-channel summary

Syntax Description

This command has no arguments or keywords.

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Command Modes

Global configuration mode

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This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Before you use this command, you must configure an EtherChannel group using the interface port-channel command.


This example shows how to display summary information about EtherChannels:

switch# show port-channel summary 
Flags:  D - Down        P - Up in port-channel (members)
        I - Individual  H - Hot-standby (LACP only)
        s - Suspended   r - Module-removed
        S - Switched    R - Routed
        U - Up (port-channel)
Group Port-       Type     Protocol  Member Ports
1     Po1(SU)     Eth      LACP      Eth1/1(P)    Eth1/2(P)    Eth1/3(P)
                                     Eth1/4(P)    Eth1/21(P)   Eth1/22(P)
                                     Eth1/23(P)   Eth1/24(P)   Eth1/25(P)
                                     Eth1/26(P)   Eth1/27(P)   Eth1/28(P)
                                     Eth1/29(P)   Eth1/30(P)   Eth1/31(P)
3     Po3(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth1/9(P)    Eth1/10(P)   Eth1/13(P)
                                     Eth1/14(P)   Eth1/40(P)
5     Po5(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth3/5(P)    Eth3/6(P)
6     Po6(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth1/5(P)    Eth1/6(P)    Eth1/7(P)
12    Po12(SU)    Eth      NONE      Eth3/3(P)    Eth3/4(P)
15    Po15(SD)    Eth      NONE      --
20    Po20(SU)    Eth      NONE      Eth1/17(P)   Eth1/18(P)   Eth1/19(D)
24    Po24(SU)    Eth      LACP      Eth105/1/27(P)  Eth105/1/28(P)  Eth105/1/29
                                     Eth105/1/30(P)  Eth105/1/31(P)  Eth105/1/32
25    Po25(SU)    Eth      LACP      Eth105/1/23(P)  Eth105/1/24(P)  Eth105/1/25
33    Po33(SD)    Eth      NONE      --
41    Po41(SD)    Eth      NONE      --
44    Po44(SD)    Eth      NONE      --
48    Po48(SD)    Eth      NONE      --
100   Po100(SD)   Eth      NONE      --
101   Po101(SD)   Eth      NONE      --
102   Po102(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/2(P)
103   Po103(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/3(P)
104   Po104(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/4(P)
105   Po105(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/5(P)
106   Po106(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/6(P)
107   Po107(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/7(P)
108   Po108(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/8(P)
109   Po109(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/9(P)
110   Po110(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/10(P)
111   Po111(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth102/1/11(P)
<---output truncated--->

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