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Reimagine your healthcare
workforce and workplace
Today’s changes and tomorrow’s uncertainties are redefining your healthcare organization – from how you care for patients
to where you work.
of healthcare IT execs said that
the transition to remote work has
been “smooth,” while 35% say it
can be improved.¹
of healthcare IT execs believe that their organization is ready for remote work.¹
of CFOs are prioritizing changing
workplace safety measures and
requirements as they transition
back to the workplace.²
Never before has your healthcare organization
faced such rapid change.
You’re managing:
Acceleration of existing trends

Such as:

  • Significant and overnight increases in your
    remote workforce
  • Increased security concerns
  • Exponential growth in
    telehealth and virtual care
Human Resource
Appearance of new dynamics
Evolving Business

Such as:

  • Prioritization of worker
    safety and wellness
  • Patient consumerism
  • Shifts in care delivery sites
  • Disruption of business models

How do you successfully balance acceleration and disruption? What about risk and opportunity?

Cisco Connected Experiences
Achieve business and
clinical resilience

You need healthcare solutions designed and built for change at scale, across your organization. Cisco can transform how you connect your people, improve patient safety, secure your organization, and automate your processes.

Cisco® Business Resiliency

Cisco business and clinical resiliency solutions help provide a safer work environment for your clinicians and staff and a trusted experience for your patients.

Business Resiliency Solutions
Cisco Secure
  • Empower staff to be productive anywhere
  • Optimize each unique worker experience for
    performance, cost, and security
  • Provide virtual care through telehealth and remote contact center agents
  • Develop new sites of care in pop-up and mobile clinics
Cisco Trusted
  • Support clinician and patient safety and wellness in the care facility
  • Evolve to a secure and seamless distributed work model
  • Strengthen your clinicians’ ability to communicate and collaborate anytime
  • Leverage location data to enable clinical operational efficiency
  • Ensure a scalable and agile data architecture
Secure Remote Workforce
Flexible Remote AccessFlexible Remote Access
Secure Remote CollaborationSecure Remote Collaboration
Remote Contact Center
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Remote Expert Access
Optimized Application Experience
Foundational Capabilities
Additional capabilities
Trusted Workplace
Secure AccessSecure Access
Seamless CollaborationSeamless Collaboration
Remote Operations
Social Density
Proximity Reporting
Asset and Facility Monitoring
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Cisco Connected Experiences

Build an INFRAM informed foundation for
healthcare technology

The HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) helps healthcare leaders assess and map the technology infrastructure capabilities required to reach their strategic and clinical business goals, meet international benchmarks and standards, and achieve new levels of resiliency.

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  1. ESG Research Publication, The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Remote Work, 2020 IT Spending and Future Tech Strategies, June 2020
  2. PwC CFO Pulse Survey