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Parkview Medical Center takes clinical collaboration to the next level

Learn how partnering with Apple and Cisco gives Parkview’s care providers a winning combination of agility, reliability, and ease.

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital adds telemedicine capabilities to help families return to family life

Learn how a top pediatric care provider in Ohio deploys iPad devices running Cisco Jabber to improve the lives of babies born with single ventricle heart condition.

Peace of mind for Shawnee Heights School District

With 3,500 students online with secure iOS devices, see how the Shawnee Heights School District added another layer of security even when devices were taken off campus.

City of Gothenburg teachers get back to teaching

Thanks to Apple and Cisco joint development, educators for over 22,000 students can now fully leverage iPads for teaching, without concern for connectivity or performance issues.

Cisco and iOS Solutions



With Wi-Fi Optimization for iOS, Fast lane and Wi-Fi Analytics for iOS, improved wireless performance is built into the corporate network and iOS devices so there’s nothing more to buy. Your users get a better Wi-Fi experience and full Wi-Fi 6 support on iPhone and iPad devices, including improved access to critical apps and faster troubleshooting.

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Solution value extends to the office for unmatched productivity. With the Wi-Fi innovations for iOS devices, users never miss calls and experience improved meeting audio and video quality. In meeting rooms, iOS users can seamlessly connect to Webex with their iPhone or iPad to enhance the collaboration experience.

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Cisco Security Connector

Cisco Security Connector

iOS devices are secure, but the Internet is not. With Cisco Security Connector, organizations gain the most granular view of what’s happening on their enterprise-owned iOS devices, providing the best protection for users anywhere they travel.

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Cisco Security and Insurance

Cyber Security and Insurance

With cyber risk and malware being top concerns for organizations, decisive action when threats arise is an absolute must. That’s why we are part of an industry-first offering: Cisco, Apple, Aon, and Allianz are bringing together the key pieces needed to manage cyber risk -- security technology, secure devices, cybersecurity domain expertise, and enhanced cyber insurance. All working for you.

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Industry Transformation

Transforming mobile healthcare

Healthcare organizations are now empowered to deliver digital transformation that streamlines care, improves the patient experience, optimizes business and IT operations, and supports seamless security and compliance.

Making a mobile-first strategy work in retail with iOS and Cisco

The landscape is shifting for in-store retailers with mobility playing a key role in enhancing the shopper experience, increasing associate efficiencies and productivity, and optimizing store operations. Read more about the benefits of Cisco and iOS solutions in retail environments.

Developers: Integrate your iOS apps with Cisco services

Learn hands-on to see how Fast Lane improves app performance and communicate directly with Cisco DevNet team.

iOS resources for Developers

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