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Act decisively on cyber risk

We know cyber risk is a concern, with malware top of mind. We also know that decisive action is needed. That’s why we are part of an industry-first offering. Cisco, Apple, Aon and Allianz are bringing together the key pieces needed to manage cyber risk: security technology, secure devices, cybersecurity domain expertise, and enhanced cyber insurance. All working for you.

Visibility and control for iOS

Available now

Employees are on the go, and cybersecurity is a critical concern for businesses as they enable employees to work anywhere. Apple and Cisco are partnering to deliver the deepest level of visibility and control over network activity on iOS devices. This enables organizations to eliminate roadblocks due to audit concerns, and provides ubiquitous control in case of a security incident.

Enterprise mobility, efficient and smart

Your network can enable experiences like never before. It can optimize the Wi-Fi experience for your employees to deliver the best wireless connection, as they roam through your office, and IT can prioritize the apps that matter most to your business on the platform of your choice: iPad, iPhone, and now, to the Mac.

With rich network analytics and client-side Wi-Fi performance data coming this fall, IT can get actionable insights helping enhance user experience, shorten time to troubleshoot errors, and proactively identify problems before they occur.

Effortless meetings

Pressed for time? Cisco meetings have never been easier or more productive on your iPhone or iPad. With our newest integrations for iOS 11, users can tap to join meetings directly from calendar notifications and seamlessly share their screens. It's collaboration on the go like never before.

Integrating business collaboration

Cisco and Apple are combining industry-leading enterprise collaboration services and intuitive end-user experiences to greatly improve how people work together. In addition to developing an effortless mobile meeting experience, Cisco uses iOS APIs to directly integrate with iPhone for a native calling experience. Users are enabled with the best experience and IT teams can maximize existing investments. Everyone wins.

Making a mobile-first strategy work in retail with iOS and Cisco

The landscape is shifting for in-store retailers with mobility playing a key role in enhancing the shopper experience, increasing associate efficiencies and productivity, and optimizing store operations. Read more about the benefits of Cisco and iOS solutions in retail environments.

Transforming Mobile Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are now empowered to deliver mobile innovation that streamlines care, improves the patient experience, optimizes business and IT operations, and supports seamless security and compliance.

Susie Wee

Solutions for developers

Cisco DevNet offers the Fast Lane Validation Program, a service available for iOS app developers to verify their iOS app functionality on Cisco infrastructure without having to spend thousands of dollars on a test bed. The validation process will soon expand to include iOS 11 and macOS.

Learn hands-on to see how Fast Lane improves app performance and communicate directly with the Cisco DevNet team.

Another opportunity for iOS app developers is the recent availability of the Cisco Spark SDK for iOS. This developer kit makes it easy to embed Cisco Spark capabilities into apps for iPhone and iPad.

Susie Wee

Michael Stevens shows how QoS is now easier than ever

Watch Michael Stevens, host of one of YouTube's most popular science and technology channels, in a new video series called "New Frontiers: IT Innovations in 5 Minutes." In this episode we explain how QoS is now easier than ever and explain how IT can easily prioritize business-critical apps on iOS.

Wi-Fi optimization
dramatically enhances
iPhone and iPad
experience at Cisco

After a software upgrade, which includes the first innovations from the Apple and Cisco strategic partnership, a U.K.-based Cisco IT team measured the improvements in a real-world environment using Cisco Spark. The result: an 83% productivity improvement.

Tim Cook and Chuck Robbins discuss
what's next

Hear an update on the partnership and the new Cisco and iOS 11 solutions in security, networking, and collaboration.

Watch video

Watch video