Apple and Cisco: Wireless Partnership

Leading wireless performance

What happens when the leader in mobile devices partners with the leader in wireless networks? You get a better Wi-Fi experience on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, including improved access to critical apps and troubleshooting. The wireless experience, even Wi-Fi 6, is better with Apple and Cisco.

Features and benefits

Seamless roaming

With Cisco Wi-Fi Optimization for iPhone and iPad, devices quickly connect to Cisco access points. You get optimized wireless performance, with less lag time when roaming, fewer dropped connections, and improved app experiences.


Fastlane QoS settings give iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps bandwidth and prioritization for optimized performance on Cisco networks. Fastlane+ adds Advanced Scheduling Request, which dynamically carves out airtime for voice and video applications on iPhone and iPad devices.

Faster troubleshooting

Connectivity issues aren't always network issues. Cisco Wi-Fi Analytics for iPhone and iPad, powered by Cisco DNA Assurance, gives insight into how iPhone and iPad devices see your network. You get rich telemetry data, so you can troubleshoot faster and more thoroughly.

Get assured wireless performance and location services

Cisco DNA Software subscriptions provide analytics and assurance powered by AI/ML, for easy troubleshooting and management of your wireless network. Cisco Spaces provides insights about people and assets on your premises and can help inform business decisions.

Transform how you work and support remote users

Develop a highly secure mobile strategy and infrastructure with our services support. Speed time to market while reducing costs and accelerating ROI.