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Delivering on the promise of Intent-Based Networking and Cisco DNA

Today’s IT environment is more complex and competitive than ever. Close to 70 percent of budgets are spent on running the business, with 10 percent for transformation. 1 Beyond cost, organizations also need to deal with the increased complexity, inefficiency, risk, and skills gaps emanating from disparate technologies, manual processes, and digital innovations, all while customer expectations are rising.

The Intent-Based Networking (IBN) vision helps resolve these challenges with a network that simply understands what you need and makes it happen. It’s the difference between doing thousands of tasks manually and having an automated system that helps you focus on business goals.

Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™) is the open, software-driven platform that turns this vision into reality.

Cisco Business Critical Services simplify your transformation to Cisco DNA by helping you overcome challenges such as reducing network complexity, optimizing IT, decreasing OpEx, and accelerating technology transitions. Business Critical Services for Cisco DNA is a subscription service that covers all the components of Cisco DNA as well as deployed Cisco DNA solutions. These services help you extract the most value from your Cisco products and solutions today while creating a secure IT strategy that leverages Cisco DNA for the future. Our Business Critical Services have a proven track record of delivering strong customer outcomes, with close to 262 percent ROI over five years and 74 percent less downtime, among others. 2

1 Gartner IT Budget Report 2017. 2 Cisco Optimization Services Executive Summary, IDC 2017.


  • Enhance business agility and transformation with advanced analytics, machine learning, and strategic architecture planning that accelerate the adoption of new solution capabilities
  • Reduce complexity, downtime, and cost through automation, orchestration, analysis, and technical expertise
  • Maximize ROI by optimizing utilization with proactive performance and configuration guidance for business-critical applications
  • Reduce risk and meet compliance requirements by identifying and proactively mitigating vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure
  • Grow organizational skill through Cisco DNA knowledge transfer
image/svg+xml Busine s s Critical Services for Cisco DNA Coverage SD - Acce s s R eady Infrastructu r e ( R ou t e/ S wi t ch) SD -W AN Wi-Fi/WLAN including Meraki Cisco DNA Cen t er Cisco DNA A s surance ü ü ü ü ü ü Identity Services Engine S t ealth W a t ch Fi r e w all and Adapti v e Security Virtual Appliance AnyConnect VPN Ad v anced Mal w a r e P r o t ection ü ü ü ü ü S e c u r i t y C o m p l i a n c e a n d R e m e d i a t i o n A n a l y t i c s A u t o m a t i o n Informed Decisions Th r eat P r o t ection L o w er Complexity R educed Risk R e a l i z e e x t r a o rdi n a r y ou t c o me s w i t h B us i ne s s C r i ti c a l S e r v i c e s f o r C i s c o D N A Busine s s Critical Services for Cisco DNA use a c r o s s - a r chi t ectural frame w ork of baseline deli v erables and cus t omizable capabilities aligned ac r o s s th r ee themes that ma t ch y our k e y F oundation, Acceleration, and T ransformation busine s s ou t come s . Y ou can use this subscription service t o k eep a newly depl o y ed Cisco DNA solution and Soft w a r e-Defined Acce s s (SD - Acce s s)- r eady infrastructu r e running efficientl y , ev en as y our net w ork g r o ws and change s . Busine s s Critical Services a r e a perfect portfolio of capabilities t o help y ou at any s t ep in y our Cisco Cisco DNA journ e y: Ci s c o D N A A dv i s o r y S e r v i c e s c re a t e a n o n g o i n g s t r a t e g i c p la n t o a c h i e v e bu s i ne s s o b j e c t i v e s w h i l e m a i n t a i n i n g a s t a b l e n e t w o r k d u r i n g t h e t r a n s iti o n t o D N A . T r a n s f o r m a t i o n E n gi ne e r i ng r e d u c e s t r a ns f o r m a tio n r i s k a n d m it i g a t e s u nf o r e se e n i s s ue s b y a s si s t i n g y o u wi t h a f u l l r a n g e o f t r a n s f o r m a tio n m a nag e m e n t s k i l l s a n d r e s o u r c e s ( o n- si t e o r o ff - s i t e ) b a se d o n C i s c o b e s t p r a c ti c e s , p r o c e s s e s , t o o l s , a n d m e t h o do l o g ie s . p er c e n t l e s s d o w n t i m e 7 4 % p er c e n t h i g h e r O p E x 2 1 % p er c e n t b e t t e r e ffi c i e n c y 3 0 % p er c e n t R O I ov e r 5 y e a rs 2 6 2 % At a glance

Realize extraordinary outcomes with Business Critical Services for Cisco DNA

Business Critical Services for Cisco DNA use a cross-architectural framework of baseline deliverables and customizable capabilities aligned across three themes that match your key Foundation, Acceleration, and Transformation business outcomes. You can use this subscription service to keep a newly deployed Cisco DNA solution and Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)-ready infrastructure running efficiently, even as your network grows and changes.

Business Critical Services are a perfect portfolio of capabilities to help you at any step in your Cisco DNA journey:

  • Cisco DNA Advisory Services create an ongoing strategic plan to achieve business objectives while maintaining a stable network during the transition to Cisco DNA.
  • Transformation Engineering reduces transformation risk and mitigates unforeseen issues by assisting you with a full range of transformation management skills and resources (on-site or off-site) based on Cisco best practices, processes, tools, and methodologies.

"In some ways, the technology was the easy part. The hard part was figuring out how to refine our internal operations and customer support, how to provision and manage these new services, and how to market and sell them. Cisco has been great. They brought thought leadership to the table and helped us develop a more sophisticated engineering and sales process."

Paul Carmondy,
Chief Marketing Officer, Cbeyond

  • Cisco DNA Design and Validation Service verifies and tests your designs to ensure they incorporate Cisco’s design best practices. This helps you achieve current and future business and technical functionality, resiliency, efficiency, and scaling requirements.
  • Implementation Support assists your IT operations to adopt Cisco DNA while mitigating risk to infrastructure and service continuity, helping to provide a smooth transition from your planning and design phase to implementation or expansion of your solution.
  • Ongoing Optimization Services help you lower OpEx, improve performance, and transform your business through Cisco DNA technology via assessments, recommendations, critical insights, automation and orchestration, remediation, and strategic roadmap development.

The following are specific Business Critical Services capabilities aligned to business outcome themes that you can leverage to maximize the ROI from your Cisco DNA solution.

Foundation: Stabilize the network, increase efficiency, and drive down costs

  • Software Compliance and Remediation improve software conformance, stability, end-to-end management, regulatory compliance remediation, and overall network performance.
  • Health Insights provide analysis and insights against leading and industry best practices, identifying gaps and providing recommendations to optimize Cisco DNA operations.
  • Operations Management assesses your operations model, processes, and tooling capabilities to drive improvements to operational practices and mitigate the risk of operational gaps.
  • Reliability Engineering provides onsite consulting expertise to enhance application and infrastructure security, reliability, manageability, and performance.
  • Technology Assessments identify gaps and provide recommendations for optimizing the capacity, reliability, general performance, and software security of your solution.
  • Threat Mitigation assists your organizational resiliency by significantly strengthening your network and information security defenses as well as providing incident response assistance.
  • Operations Proficiency provides analysis and recommendation for improvements to operational processes to maximize IT service availability and help increase skills and solution knowledge.

Why Cisco?

No matter where you are in your Cisco DNA journey, Cisco Business Critical Services can help you speed your deployments, reduce complexity, and provide business continuity as you refresh your network. We offer expert guidance to help you build your digital strategy, transform your network, and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Next steps

To learn more about how Cisco can help you create value for your business and enable digital transformation, visit our website or contact your Cisco sales representative.

Acceleration: Increase agility, accelerate growth, and reduce security risks

  • Design and Validation provide recommendations and assistance with developing, enhancing, and validating solution designs to achieve your business and engineering objectives.
  • Security Assessments uncover vulnerabilities within your physical and network infrastructure as well as provide expert remediation guidance to reduce future risk.
  • Service Insights help you analyze and proactively manage the health and performance of your application or infrastructure services to make sure they meet business and operational objectives.

Transformation: Align network and business goals through strategy and innovation roadmap development

  • Cisco DNA Advisory Services align your corporate vision and IT strategy with an ongoing strategic plan to achieve business objectives and maintain a stable network while transitioning to Cisco DNA.
  • Transformation Management Office helps you successfully implement significant technology change and drive an innovation strategy that helps speed ROI by providing you with access to Cisco expertise in the areas of Transformation Governance, Roadmap, Financial, Resource, Change, Process and Architecture Management as well as options for onsite transformation support.
  • Transformation Onsite Consulting reduces transformation risk and mitigates unforeseen issues with rapid access to Cisco DNA expertise via an onsite Cisco Advanced Services engineer.
  • Enterprise Security Advisor helps increase the strength and efficient rollout of your Cisco DNA security posture by providing guidance on your security strategy and implementation planning.
  • Security Segmentation Architecture Design helps you minimize and mitigate business risk by effectively developing a high-level security segmentation design and deployment strategy
  • Implementation Support reduces errors and cost while mitigating risk to infrastructure and service continuity during technology implementations by leveraging real-time Cisco expertise.

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