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"Eos sites have been quick to gain traction. 'It's far beyond what we expected."

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Cisco Media Solutions Group (CMSG) is a specialized business unit focused on the unique challenges Media & Entertainment Companies face in engaging and monetizing online audiences

From Audience Engagement to Monetization

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This brief, quarterly update keeps you informed on how Cisco Media Solutions Group answers the challenges companies like yours face.

Cisco Eos in the News on Warner Strategy:

"Analysis: With MTV Partnership, Warner Continues Separate Path"
An integral part of Warner's web strategy is its use of Cisco's Eos platform for its artist web sites. Not only will those sites carry advertisements placed by MTV, they enable the e-commerce and fan relationships that are core to Warner's vision of its future. Warner is ahead of schedule on converting artist sites to Eos, a source says, and Eos sites have been quick to gain traction. "It's far beyond what we expected."

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The Cisco Eos Interactive Experience for the 2012 Olympic Games

In May, Cisco and the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) announced the adoption of Cisco Eos, Software as a Service platform to deliver new, interactive consumer experiences by easily creating, managing and growing online communities around London 2012 content.

"We want to engage audiences directly and personally for London 2012. We are pleased to be working with Cisco to help us create experiences that are interactive, immersive and personal. We can do that online in an effective and memorable way by integrating social interaction through the Cisco Eos platform."

—Alex Balfour, head of New Media of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, LOCOG.

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White Paper

IDC Study: Achieving the Most ROI from Your Web Infrastructure

Media & Entertainment company stakeholders, across genres (music, TV, Film, sports, publishing and others) feel the downward pressure of costs and the upward pressure on revenue within their business, especially when it comes to their online business portfolio.

International Data Corporation (IDC) provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, recently completed a study for Cisco on how media companies can achieve the most ROI from their web infrastructure.

In this study, IDC looked at a number of the problems Media & Entertainment companies face when building a digital business:

  • The use of siloed islands of technology that have evolved over time in a piecemeal, do-it-yourself fashion
  • The inefficiency of a typical media and entertainment web infrastructure that increases operational costs and time to market, and does not always scale
  • Diminished data collection and reporting capabilities
  • Existing infrastructure that is proving hard-to-integrate social media functionality

Findings of this study came from a combination of interviews conducted with Media & Entertainment executives as well as making use of their extensive body of "New Media" research.

IDC built a model to describe the relative return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with Cisco Eos versus Do-it-Yourself solutions. The resulting cost reduction and revenue increases returned a triple digit percentage ROI.

"Just the fact that we are attaching revenue to project activity and trying to associate project costs with potential revenue has been a mind shift for us. We're now looking at ROI for every Web project and using it to measure where we are putting our resources."

—Music Executive from IDC Study The ROI of Outsourcing.

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The Cisco EosĀ® Platform

Cisco Eos; is a hosted software platform that enables Media & Entertainment companies to more economically deliver and effectively monetize social entertainment experiences built around their branded content. Built to scale, Eos supports all entertainment genres, thousands of customized sites, and millions of users. The platform brings together social networking, site administration, content management and audience analytics features on a robust and secure hosting infrastructure. Eos offers everything media companies need to create, manage and monetize online communities. Eos-powered sites combine high-quality professional content with user generated interactions to create unique and engaging entertainment experiences built around the media companies' brands.

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Member Groups: Advanced Audience Engagement

The Cisco Media Solutions Group perspective has always been that online communities thrive when they are built around content. The value is with the content that ultimately attracts fans and enables them to interact with each other.

To this end we built the Group and Member Management Suite. This functionality within the Eos platform allows media companies to create new consumer experiences (similar to fan clubs), manage audience interactions, and reward and recognize influencers.

Groups in Action: The Premium Fan Experience

To better understand this functionality here is an example we often use, the "Ole, Ole, Football" site—an online community for soccer enthusiasts.

In this example, we can encourage users to join the "Premium Fan Experience". By essentially leveraging restricted access to content you can help influence and engage your audience.

One method is though the use of a "Fan Club". Consumers who are paying members of a "Fan Club" have access to content not available to other members, like exclusive game highlight clips, or blogs from the soccer players.

Another method of leveraging a "Premium Lite" version where visitors are free to browse the site is to allow only members who register on the site have access to video content. While this is not a direct monetization strategy, it can be used to drive registration and collect better audience data.

Rewarding Fans: Badges

Fan Badges

In addition, to access to premium content the fan can attain "membership status" in the community through the use of badging. Members can receive "badges" for belonging to specific groups, which are then displayed on their profile page and next to their avatars.

This approach where users can belong to an exclusive group yet still mingle among the general membership greatly enhances audience engagement. Leveraging groups with badges:

  • Elevates the status of users which is a proven way to increase engagement
  • Incents content contribution
  • Encourages more user-user interactions
  • Identifies influencers for the community and the business
  • Helps increase subscriptions by displaying paid fan club member status

Groups & Events

Yet another way to leverage groups is in and around events. In the "Ole, Ole Football" example this might be those fans attending the "Ole Ole Soccer Championships". A group is formed around an actual event. Those fans who are a member can leave comments, upload videos, and photos along with a host of other social interactions around the upcoming event. Like with the fan club an "Ole Ole Soccer Championships" badge can be deployed to attendees. Making use of this functionality around events:

  • Encourages registration to participate in conversation
  • Extends the relevance of past events as a place members return to share their experiences

Click here to download the Cisco Eos Audience Development Datasheet

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