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Simplify at scale with Segment Routing

Break down network silos, streamline your network architecture, and cut down on unnecessary protocols.

Unleash your innovation

Network overlays, multitudes of protocols, and the siloed structure of mass scale networks have forced a level of complexity that limits options and slows service deployments. It is time to break down network silos, streamline network architecture, cut down on protocols – so your network can unleash your innovation.

Simplify with fine-grained control using Segment Routing

Get the right balance between distributed intelligence and centralized optimization.

Customizing your network toward your own intent

Mass Scale Networking across Aggregation, Edge, Core, Data Center and Internet Peering.

Peering fabric with a simplified control-plane

Drive a better customer experience while holding the level of network complexity flat.

A modern network is an efficient network

Cisco IOS XR can help you streamline both the architecture and operations

Segment Routing

Optimizes network utilization with customizable service delivery.

Model delivered telemetry

Use real-time visibility, YANG data models and APIs to deliver multi-dimensional programmability.

Ethernet VPN (EVPN)

Speeds up service delivery with all-in-one VPN technology.

Modular packaging

Custom fits IOS XR to your needs.

Enhanced security

Embedded security ensures software is genuine and unmodified.

Zero-touch provisioning

Automates Day-0 and Day-1 provisioning.

We can help you reinvent your network faster

Experts from the Cisco Customer Experience team have the expertise to help service providers accelerate to 5G so you can grow revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk faster.

Grow revenue

Monetize investments and remain competitive with rapid delivery of new, innovative services.

Save money

Reduce costs with network architecture updates to ensure every dollar you spend works harder.

Mitigate risk

Earn greater customer trust by delivering better performance and security.


50% Faster deployment


20% Increase in network productivity


75% Reduction in downtime