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Mass scale networking with massive upside

Open the floodgates to new streams of revenue.

Cisco intent-based infrastructure

You’re not just providing a service, you’re building a platform to feed the insatiable appetite of a new breed of customers and devices. With IP traffic to reach 4.8 zettabytes by 2022 you need to be ready. Only Cisco can deliver the full package – the services, benefits, and people you need to get the most out of your massive, multivendor infrastructure

Simplify at scale with Segment Routing

Break down network silos, streamline your network architecture, and cut down on unnecessary protocols.


Get the power of multidimensional control to simplify to one touch, or fine-tune across your ASICs, control plane, and management level.

Built-in trust

Secure your network by protecting both its borders and the network itself.

Flexible consumption

Custom fit your network to your needs with simple and flexible consumption model across network silicon, hardware and software.

New innovation: Converged SDN IP Transport

By integrating cost effective, high-density routing at 400G with the proven IOS XR operating system and Open API Automation, Cisco helps you meet the demands of bandwidth growth while keeping opex under control.

Gain confidence in the integrity of your network with embedded trust technologies including trusted hardware, trust in the network OS with secure boot and signed images, and trust at runtime with encrypted transport.

IOS XR also provides the secure control to move peering and compute to anywhere within the network (between apps, data, workers and customers), while speeding up the ability to instantiate and manage network slices.

NCS 5500 400G ready

Cisco NCS 5500 400G line cards, enable massive scale to meet the demands of 5G and deliver trusted investment protection for the widely deployed NCS5500 router family.

NCS 540/560

Cisco NCS 540/560 routers, optimized for converged access networks, meet the stringent demands of trusted 5G xHaul and cable CIN applications.

Cisco infrastructure at work

See how our intent-based infrastructure can transform your business and overcome your most difficult challenges.

Streamline your network and get more control, more agility, and more network insight to enable you to meet today’s customer demands.

Scale your aggregation network for unstoppable bandwidth growth and new traffic patterns while delivering new SLAs’ required by the uptake of new services.

Evolve peering for new traffic patterns

Deliver unmatched end-user experiences with intelligent peering architecture.

Power up your network

Deploy mass scale IP networks with the most advanced routing portfolio.

Power extraordinary and personalized experiences at mass scale

Benefit from simplification at scale, multidimensional programmability, built-in trust, and flexible consumption enabling you to build a network that fits your business needs.

NCS 5500 Series

Now 400G-ready with dense integrated 400GE/200GE/100GE line cards for mass scale networking. This 3rd generation of line cards offers customers strong investment protection and a path towards 400G networking.

NCS 500 Series

New variants of NCS 540 and a new NCS 560 chassis (4RU) to help build out your 5G network.

ASR 9000 Series

A modular, high density, power efficient, and secure platform that's engineered for new architectures. 400G ready.

8000 Series

Cisco 8000 Series Routers are cloud-enhanced systems designed to deliver unparalleled routing performance and functionality that scale to meet the speed of business required by critical infrastructures.

The support you need

Increase speed to market, reduce complexity and deliver with service excellence from Cisco Customer Experience.