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Cisco Orchestrated Assurance powered by Netrounds

9 out of 10 unhappy customers won't complain—they'll just leave.1

If you're not hearing from your biggest critics, it’s hard to solve problems.

Relevant data leads to better decisions and Proactive Control across the network.

When you have the right data at the right time and the ability to test what matters most for your customers, it’s suddenly easy to get customer experiences right the first time. Cisco Orchestrated Assurance (OA) powered by Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) and Netrounds provides the insight that makes Proactive Control possible.

Is doing things by hand getting out of hand?

You have better things to do. Automate it with OA powered by Netrounds.

Small efforts can have a big impact.



of service providers reported faster issue resolution.2



of service providers reported a decrease in customer frustration.2



of service providers saw increased operational efficiency.3

It’s easy to make the move.


Transition at your own pace.

Start physical, move to hybrid, and then go fully virtualized.


Get up and running quick.

Deploy a complete Netrounds system in hours.


Step back for a better view.

Let Cisco NSO automate your assurance testing.


Cisco Orchestrated Assurance powered by NSO and Netrounds measures service quality from the customer perspective and delivers it with real-time visibility in a simple dashboard. Automated assurance means you can deliver better service through Proactive Control.

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Cisco Orchestrated Assurance powered by Netrounds
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