5G is Driving the Future

To understand the future of work, you must first understand the power of 5G.

 Walk alongside as we look at the future of work from multiple perspectives, share how tasks will change between humans vs. machines, and show you how the future is already all around us. 

As always, look to Cisco Networking Academy to be your pathfinder for success. Ensuring what you learn today will be the right skills down the road.

Find Your Place

AI, robotics and the rise of automation all signal changes are coming. But how big will they be? And how will they impact you? 

We tackle these questions by looking at the future of work from the 1,000-foot view, industry view and view from the ground.

Humans vs. Machines

Job roles that leverage human skills will rise. And roles that focus on information/data processing and administrative tasks will move to machines. 

Have a closer look at the share of tasks between humans and machines from 2020-2025.

What You Can Do Now

Start preparing. We know that as machines get smarter, so must we. We also know that there are things inherent to being human that machines won’t ever be able to replicate. 

Here are 5 things you can do right now to secure your place!

The Future is Already Here

AI has come a long way since IBM’s first Shoebox machine. Now advancing across industries from space exploration to stock trading. One particular use is very impressive in our opinion. Have a look.

Always in-demand skills

Keep yourself in the center of gravity by learning these skills. 

Intro into IoT

Learn more about the boom in connected devices and sensors—and the data they gather. This is a beginning, self-paced course leading to a course pathway.

Networking Essentials

Learn empowering networking concepts through this intermediate, self-paced course. Leading to a course pathway.

DevNet Associate

Learn to automate networks with software skills through this intermediate, instructor-led course. Leading to a certification.

Tech Role Models

Entrepreneurs—especially those who can use and manipulate technology—will thrive in the future of work. Why not think as big as these tech innovators have? 

After an idea was sparked, they utilized tech to build a product and launch a startup.

-Emily Kennedy, Cofounder Marinus Analytics
-Hadeel Ayoub, Founder and CEO of BrightSign
-Emmastella Gakuo, Cofounder of Savanna Circuit Tech

Magician, Wizard… or Programmer

Step inside the modern world of programming and find your career.