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Magician, Wizard... or Programmer

Step inside the modern world of programming and find your career!

When you learn to program, you become magician-like and make things happen. When you mix programming with other skills, you help IT organizations automate their infrastructure to pave the way for new innovations.

Right here, you can explore All Sides of Programming and find out if you’re a magician at heart. Cisco Networking Academy has all the resources to get you started—and get you excited about a new career!

Choose a Side to Explore

As the cloud gives organizations a new way of operating IT, programmers give organizations the means to embrace what’s possible.

Use this fun tool to see how the world is opening up to those who can string a line of code together—and make apps do what they want them to do.

8 Reasons to Love Python

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you there’s a lot to love about Python. Its readability. Its object-orientation. But do you know what’s really cool about Python? 

Check out our top 8 picks and become a believer yourself.

Opportunities in DevOps

Created in the spirit of collaboration between developers and operations teams, DevOps is an exciting new world for modern-day programmers.

Networking Academy offers a course, and Cisco offers a certification that will give you the skills and confidence you need.

Oh, and we almost forgot. There’s an official DevNet Associate Cert Guide that can really help!

Have an entertaining listen to our favorite soundbites…

Time to get started

Good jobs—with good salaries are available to programmers.

Job Outlook

Python developers are now among the highest-paid programmers in the tech industry.

At any one time, there are upwards of 100,000 unfulfilled Python developer jobs around the world.

Source: SalaryExpert.com

Start Practicing

Get Cisco Certified

With DevOps being such an important role in the new, more agile IT department, those with a certification almost have a “golden ticket” to greater success.

Learn from Others

“If you want to learn to code, it’s about doing it repetitively every day. But you don’t have to spend 3 or 4 hours of study every day. Thirty minutes or an hour is plenty,” says Stuart Clark, Technical Leader/Developer Advocate at Cisco.

Check out more advice from Stuart and other Real-life Programmers:

-Stuart Clark, Technical Leader/Developer Advocate, Cisco
-Du’An Lightfoot, Developer Advocate, Cisco

The Dawn of a New Day

The modern network is breaking records that could not have been imagined years ago.