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Threat of the month

Threat analysis and defence techniques against the latest attacks

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New from Cisco Security

Did you miss our Virtual Security Summit? Check out the replay, where we announce some major news.

Encrypted traffic 101

Learn how adversaries hide their malicious activity online.

DNS under attack

Take an in-depth dive into Sea Turtle and other DNS attacks.

Consider these solutions

Cisco Umbrella Investigate

Umbrella Investigate provides the most complete view of the relationships and evolution of domains, IPs, autonomous systems, and file hashes.

Duo Trusted Access

For organizations of all sizes, Duo Trusted Access establishes trust in users, devices, and the applications they access.

Office 365 phishing

You've never clicked. But what's this new phishing tactic?

Cisco Email Security and Duo work together to protect your users.

How did this manufacturer overcome phishing and business email compromise (BEC) scams?

Your Office 365 help center

Find solutions to your specific problems with Cisco Email Security resources.

Social media and black markets

Talos has discovered black markets on social media. Our expert discusses the implications.

A layered defense against cybercrime

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go.

Threat defense

Cisco Threat Response automates integrations across select Cisco Security products and accelerates key security operations functions: detection, investigation, and remediation.

Cisco AMP for endpoints

AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) offers continuous monitoring and patented retrospective security capabilities that provides a last line of defense against malicious files targeting the endpoint.

The rise of digital extortion

You may have received an email claiming your webcam was hacked, a hit man is after you, or a bomb was planted at your place of business. Is there any truth to these claims? We investigate digital extortion scams in our latest blog.

Protecting against phishing

Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection

Detect fraudulent senders with threat intelligence that adapts in real time to block BEC and advanced phishing attacks.

Customer success story

This Scottish partner needed a solution to protect customers from phishing and email attacks. It chose Cisco to protect itself and its clients.

The state of phishing

Our panel dives into understanding why phishing is so successful and what you can do about it.

Cisco 2019 Cybersecurity Report Series

In our new threat intelligence report, we analyzed the past to anticipate future cybersecurity trends.

SMB and the return of the worm

"Watch the threat landscape long enough, and you’ll see that some things are cyclical. Threat types and attack methods fall in and out of fashion. As the use of one vector declines, another increases in popularity."

Cisco solutions to protect against Worms


Stealthwatch can detect connections to SMB shares, correlating this activity to alert administrators.

Advance Malware Protection

AMP’s continuous monitoring and patented retrospective security capabilities are ideally suited to keep you safe against attacks such as WannaCry and Nyetya.

Network Security Appliances

Network Security appliances like NGFW, NGIPS, and Meraki MX can detect malicious activity associated with SMB attacks.

Defending Your Network from Cryptomining

"Digital gold rush or cyber threat? Learn the ins and outs of cryptomining, and the security measures your organization needs to take against this popular money-making scheme."

Cisco solutions to protect against Cryptomining


See unusual network behaviour generated by cryptominer malware.

AMP for Endpoints

Detect and block malware on the endpoint.

Cisco Umbrella

Block connections to malicious domains used by cryptominers.

In Pursuit of Invisibility: Fileless Malware

"Fileless malware is so hard to detect that is almost invisible. This sneaky malware does damage while leaving hardly any trace of itself. Catch it if you can see it."

Cisco solutions to protect against Fileless Malware

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints

Use memory protection and indicators of compromise to detect fileless malware.

Cisco Email Security

Detect and block email threats like phishing attempts.

Cisco Umbrella

Block connections to malicious domains that distribuite fileless malware.