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Cisco IoT Threat Defence

Detect, block, and respond to IoT threats

The Internet of Things is altering our society. We’ll see innovations in medical care, manufacturing, and utility services, among other advances. But for the IoT to truly fulfill its promise, it must be secured. Cisco IoT Threat Defence blends our security architecture and services to help you defend your IoT devices and keep your business running.

IoT Threat Defence works through…


Get extensible, scalable protection against external attacks and compromised IoT devices.

Secure remote access

Provide highly secure access to trusted third parties while maintaining visibility and control.

Visibility and analysis

Analyse both your network and external traffic to detect and block threats.

Security services

Get expert guidance to assess risk, design solutions, and effectively respond to incidents.

Use IoT Threat Defence for…


Protect control systems from attacks and human error without affecting service delivery.

Electric utilities

Defend your assets from malware and intrusion while maintaining visibility and control.


Defend connected medical devices from intrusion, manipulation, and loss of control.

What’s inside Cisco IoT Threat Defence

Cisco Identity Services Engine

Gain awareness of everything hitting your network. Provide access consistently and efficiently. Relieve the stress of complex access management.

Cisco Stealthwatch

Get visibility and security intelligence across the extended enterprise. 

Cisco Umbrella

Use our cloud security platform as the first line of defence against threats on the Internet.

Cisco Next-Generation Firewalls

Stop threats, see what's happening on your network, and reduce costs with our threat-focused next-generation firewall appliances.

Cisco AnyConnect

AnyConnect simplifies secure endpoint access and helps keep your organisation safe and protected.

Featured technologies

Cisco AMP

Quickly detect, contain, and remove advanced malware with continuous network analysis.

Cisco CTA

Block attempts to establish a presence in your environment with Cognitive Threat Analytics.

Securely deliver your critical initiatives

Decision makers recognise that the IoT is an opportunity for innovation and competitive differentiation. Our experts can make recommendations that are tailored to your key business goals.

Determine your risk posture

Use our a network penetration assessment to detect security weaknesses that attackers are likely to exploit.

Plan for success

Design a segmentation strategy that reduces risk, simplifies your audit profile, and protects your business.

Gain operational resilience

Improve your understanding of your operations and infrastructure. Prepare an incident response plan.

Defend the promise of the IoT

Defending IoT devices at scale is a challenge for many. Learn how Cisco can help you.


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