What is an Enterprise Agreement?

The Cisco Enterprise Agreement (Cisco EA) is ideal for organisations that want financial predictability, a simplified IT environment, or have a technology growth plan.

The Cisco Enterprise Agreement software-buying program helps organizations buy, consume, and manage Cisco technology across the software portfolio with a 3- or 5-year cross-platform agreement and unified terms and conditions. With the Cisco Enterprise Agreement, organizations can select from one or more enrollments to address their business needs.

What are the benefits of an Enterprise Agreement?


Enter a relationship with one agreement term and one software management workspace for 3 to 5 years.


Select what you want. Add as you grow. Deploy where you need to in the way that best suits your business.


Enjoy financial predictability, not to exceed pricing and True Forward terms that end retroactive fees.

Which products are included in an Enterprise Agreement?

Digitizing and enhancing the mall experience

“The Cisco enterprise agreement has allowed us to be very agile. It’s the building block of how we can future-proof our centers and be able to be nimble and flexible to make adjustments as we need to and as our industry continues to evolve.”

Denise Taylor, CIO, Westfield Corporation