Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: The Future of IT

SG-Data Centre-Virtualized Multi-Tenant Data Center

Virtualized Multi-Tenant Data Center

Cisco and ecosystem partners offer pre-integrated, ready-to-use solutions to build an enterprise cloud easily, reliably, and cost-effectively. (2:33 min)

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Cloud computing profoundly transforms the way in which information and services are consumed and provided. It can help you:

  • Lower costs by using energy and resources more efficiently
  • Enhance agility, growth, and profitability
  • Simplify operations and management
  • Ensure resilient and trusted collaboration

Cisco takes a pragmatic approach to cloud computing based on delivering the following capabilities:

  • Software as a service (e.g., WebEx)
  • Platform as a service (e.g., Unified Service Delivery)
  • Foundational cloud infrastructure (e.g., Unified Fabric and Unified Computing System)

Explore how Cisco can help you realize the value delivered by cloud computing.

NEW Cloud White Paper

NEW Cloud White Paper

Learn how the power of cloud computing can help your business earn more revenue and achieve faster time to market.
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Deploying Secure Multi-Tenancy

Deploying Secure Multi-Tenancy

Cisco, NetApp, and VMware solution secures cloud-based data and applications while sharing virtualized server, network, and storage.

Cisco's Cloud Vision

Cisco's Cloud Vision

CTO Padmasree Warrior discusses roles for Cisco and the network in cloud computing.

Cisco Unified Service Delivery

Cisco Unified Service Delivery

Cut costs and optimize resource use with new cloud-related business models

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Evolution Toward Private Clouds

Private clouds are enterprise IT infrastructure services, managed by the business, with cloud computing qualities such as self-service, pay-as-you-go charges, on-demand provisioning, and the appearance of infinite scalability.

A private cloud can combine both external and internal cloud resources to meet the needs of an application system. Private clouds eliminate the "rewrite everything" effect of public cloud computing. They provide the trusted control that you seek from internal clouds, ensuring that IT meets the security, control, service level, and compliance requirements of their business partners.

Private clouds also provide the ability to change the mix of cloud services to be consumed, as needed. A private cloud eliminates enterprise silos while reducing costs and allowing you to exploit the new economics with much greater agility than traditional models.

Most important, private cloud computing offers a clear and logical pathway that preserves existing investment in applications and information. Each step delivers immediate value and builds a foundation for the next.

Find out more about private cloud computing on the Cisco Private Cloud Computing page.

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