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Quality Video Conferencing on Any Device to Anyone

Now, you can experience business quality connections by integrating video conferencing capabilities in every collaboration interaction. As the workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, leaders recognize the benefits and growing impact of video conferencing as a key part of collaboration. Video is becoming more pervasive as a business tool. Case in point: Now that most desktop and mobile devices have cameras, nearly anyone can join online meetings and do video conferencing.

People are becoming more comfortable with video conferencing. When travel budgets are reduced, video conferencing saves face-to-face meetings from being reduced to faceless phone calls. Since most communication is non-verbal, video conferencing allows for better communication compared to audio-only calls.

Use video conferencing to improve communications, relationships, and productivity by helping people meet face-to-face over distance. This helps you:

  • Improve decision making by reducing communications delay
  • Build trust and understanding across cross-functional and diverse teams
  • Reduce employee travel, real-estate costs, and environmental impact
  • Encourage knowledge sharing with employees, partners, and customers

Video conferencing is all part of engagement and making it easy and natural for people to collaborate. New technology makes video conferencing experiences available anywhere, and as easy as voice. In many cases, these experiences are better than being there.

Collaborate with Anyone at Any Time

Cisco supports video conferencing to and from the desktop, mobile devices, and conference rooms to allow easier, more transparent interactions and consistent experiences. Affordable solutions provide superior scale and help enable any-to-any video through standards-based technology.

Experience Better Video Conferencing

Deploy technology that is easy to use, deploy, maintain, and integrate. Users get intuitive interactions, less dependence on IT, and a single identity across all devices. IT gets unified call-control and management platforms to simplify administration, deployment, and troubleshooting. An integrated end-to-end video conferencing architecture uses the intelligent network for highly secure, reliable, more comprehensive, and overall better user experiences.

Achieve More with Video Conferencing

Use video conferencing to accomplish what you cannot in person. Improve productivity by meeting with people in multiple countries in one day, or with hundreds of people at once. Attend meetings on your own time, replay important material, and easily navigate on keywords and speakers.

Cisco Video Conferencing Products

Video conferencing can help you improve team productivity, strengthen customer relationships, and scale expertise throughout your organization and beyond.

Collaboration Meeting Rooms

Enable everyone to meet using virtually any device, for a business-quality video collaboration experience that combines video, voice, and content sharing technologies.

Collaboration Endpoints

Video endpoints help you collaborate face-to-face using high-quality, lifelike video conferencing from the desktop to the boardroom.

Cisco Jabber

Easily access voice, video, presence, messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing -- anywhere across any device.

WebEx Conferencing

Use industry-leading web conferencing capabilities to facilitate compelling, productive team meetings. WebEx conferencing solutions can help you reduce costs and optimize IT resources.

Recording and Streaming

Cisco delivers recording and streaming capabilities in a next-generation enterprise video platform that provides an engaging video experience to everyone in the enterprise, viewing on any device.

Video Conferencing Case Studies

"Delivering education opportunities where learners reside is helping to retain doctors in rural areas." Anthony Knezevic, Senior Manager, Collaboration Technologies, University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine

"Immersive video is much smoother and much more seamless than talking on the phone. The ability for us to connect and share information is powerful." Dr. Craig Sable, Director of Echocardiography and Telemedicine, Children’s National Medical Center

"Since its introduction, Cisco TelePresence has proved a huge success within John Lewis branches and contact centers, which make frequent use of it for substantial travel cost and time savings." Andrew Murphy, Retail Director, John Lewis



  • Moffitt Cancer Center

    Hospital finds a simpler way to connect doctors and affiliates globally.


  • Bauer

    Manufacturer improves teamwork and achieves a 30 percent increase in productivity with video conferencing tools.

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