Midsize Business Solutions

Improve Your Skills and Knowledge

Take advantage of training and Cisco specialization resources that give you the advantage in the midmarket segment.


Get specialized knowledge with Sales Excellence Training. Earn certifications. (Under "browse by category", select "Midmarket" to find training focused on helping you in the midmarket segment.)

Consult your way to a win with the Smart Business Roadmap. It includes online training resources to help enhance your sales and marketing.

Build your knowledge with SMB University. It offers free, online, role-based training designed to advance sales, marketing, and operational efficiency through market transitions.

Learn how to sell more and increase profit, and get rewarded for it with the Cisco Services Accelerate Program

Specialization and Certification

If you have Cisco Select Certification:

Position yourself to succeed and present a holistic solution to your prospective customers with the entry-level Small and Midsized Business (SMB) Specialization training.

Need assistance achieving or renewing your Select Certification?:

Find available training and events offered by Distributors via the Disti Compass mobile app.

If you have Cisco Premier Certification:

Develop sales, technical, and service capabilities for integrated, highly secure networking solutions with Express Foundation Specialization.

Learn how to sell, design, install, and support the Cisco Collaboration Architecture with Express Collaboration Specialization.