Cloud Computing

Cisco Understands the World of Many Clouds

Some people think of cloud computing as a single, giant cloud working the same way for everyone. In reality there are many types of clouds, including:

Organizations must optimize resources, simplify operations, and get everything to work together across this world of many clouds. To help customers benefit from cloud computing, Cisco provides innovative architectures and a comprehensive array of cloud professional and technical services and innovations.

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Simplified, Scalable, Highly Secure Architectures

Cisco´s cloud strategy and its associated architectures are designed to foster collaboration and interoperability within, between, and beyond the different kinds of clouds. This can optimize a competitive advantage and help increase cloud computing efficiency.

The truth is, neither the data center nor the network alone solves the problem. They must work together. The challenge is to unify data centers, help enable them to work as one, and simultaneously marshal the capabilities of a cloud intelligent network.

Cisco Delivers Simplified, Scalable, Highly Secure Architectures Needed for Cloud

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Take Full Advantage of Cloud Computing

Cisco Cloud Enablement Services and a comprehensive ecosystem of partners deliver a wide range of integrated solutions to accelerate cloud success and help you realize the full value of cloud technology through:

  • Improved productivity
  • Transition from capital expenses (CapEx) to operating expenses (OpEx)
  • New cloud computing opportunities for monetizing services

With Cisco, you can either work with existing vendors or choose from an extensive list of partners and providers in each area. Cisco helps you plan, build, and manage to assure a great experience within, between, and beyond the cloud.

Strategic Partnerships

The need for flexible,cost-effective, and highly scalable IT resources is building demand for cloud-based service,platform-,and infrastructure-as-a-service models.While many Cisco partners deliver integrated solutions and architectures,only our global strategic partners have the presence and reach,along with deep horizontal and vertical expertise,to transform a customer's business.

These partners guide technology decision-making based on best practice methodologies,with large technology practices and integration capabilities for any opportunity or problem.Together with our global partners,we can bring global scale,recognized brands,and delivery to create true business value.