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IT Networking Career Opportunities

IT Networking Careers

There are 1.9 million powerful reasons to pursue a challenging career in IT networking. That’s how many IT-related job openings are available, and Network Administrator roles are among the hardest to fill.

How do you get in the door? Certification rewards you not only in the competitive process and compensation—but with on-the-job skills and the knowledge you bring to your organization.


Demand continues to rise for professionals with the core skills needed to run the planet’s most sophisticated networks. Networking is still ranked within the top 5 most important skillset for business* and job growth for network administrators are growing at six percent per year**.  Hiring managers feel confident that your focused education will help them raise efficiency, lower costs, and drive competitive advantage. Because you’re trained to Cisco standards respected the world over, you can meet today’s challenges—anticipating and solving problems to keep vital information flowing and secure.

Explore the many resources here, and find out how they can help build and shape your ideal career.

  • *US Bureau of Labor Stats
  • **Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report 2018

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