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Supporting remote certification exams

Online exams

CCIE Lab exam: Lab locations

Our CCIE lab locations are opening. The health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees continue to be our top concern. The reopening of lab facilities will be based on local conditions, regulations, Cisco Corporate, and medical guidance.

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Expert Certifications

Take your place as a technical leader in the fast-paced world of IT infrastructure.

Distinguish yourself as the best of the best

We designed our expert certifications to validate your end-to-end IT lifecycle skills from planning and design to operating and optimizing. Among the industry's most widely recognized and respected certifications, Cisco expert certifications tell the world in no uncertain terms that you know what you're talking about.

Expert-level certifications

Software, networking, and infrastructure grow more and more interconnected every day. Applications deliver exciting new experiences, and organizations can take advantage of automation to scale and secure their infrastructure. With Cisco expert certifications, your opportunities to help maximize that potential are boundless. Just ask hiring managers: 71% of them say that certifications increase their confidence in an applicant's abilities.

Cost and scheduling

Details about exam costs and scheduling can be found using the links provided below.


CCIE currently operates the lab facilities at Cisco locations around the world, and various mobile lab locations.

The CCDE practical exam is only available at Pearson Professional Centers (PPC) testing facilities.

Wear your certification pride with CCIE and CCDE shirts, jackets, and other goodies personalized with your name and certification number.


For information about recertifying, visit the recertification page.

Continuing Education Program

One way to recertify your expert-level certification is by earning Continuing Education (CE) credits.


This section is a quick reference for the policies related to the CCIE and CCDE Certifications program.

Resources and benefits

Once you're certified, make sure you're familiar with the resources and benefits available to certified CCIEs and CCDEs. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a part of the CCIE or CCDE community.