CCIE/CCDE Emeritus

As the CCIE/CCDE program continues to grow and develop, Cisco recognizes that the individuals certified within the program are also growing and developing. To recognize the long-term members of this program a new level of involvement has been created: CCIE/CCDE Emeritus.

Who is Emeritus for?

Long term CCIE, CCDE, or both CCIE and CCDE who have moved out of the "day to day" technical work but would like to stay involved in the program serving as ambassadors to current and future CCIE/CCDE's.

At the 10th anniversary of being a CCIE, CCDE or both CCIE and CCDE Cisco will send an email informing the potential eligibility for Emeritus. At the 20th anniversary, any active CCIE or CCIE Emeritus that maintains their CCIE active or Emeritus status for 20 consecutive years will be given a CCIE Lifetime Emeritus Benefit.

Emeritus guidelines

CCIE/CCDE's desiring to join the Emeritus program must complete an application in the CCIE lab portal under the "Purchase Emeritus" tab.

Approval is subject to Cisco's sole discretion. Emeritus status is granted for one year from your expiration date. Emeritus CCIE/CCDE's must reapply and pay the fee each year to maintain status. Reapplication is available 3 months prior to the current Emeritus expiration date.

Note: You are responsible for keeping track of your yearly application date and reapply as needed.

Emeritus process

  • At nine years and nine months, emails are sent to eligible customers informing them that they are approaching their tenth anniversary and that they are eligible to apply for the Emeritus program.
  • At nine years and nine months the Emeritus tab found in each CCIE/CCDE profile will be activated and clickable.
  • A confirmation email is sent when the application for Emeritus and payment processing has completed.
  • The profile will not show Emeritus status until payment has cleared. If a CCIE/CCDE applies for Emeritus before the tenth anniversary is achieved, he or she will show as active or recertified until the 10th anniversary.

Note: ALL customers are encouraged to update the profile and provide the most current contact information. Failure to receive an informational email does not provide for a policy exception. It is up to each certified individual to ensure their profile has the most current information.

Note: Access to the CCIE/CCDE profile requires a CSCO ID. Log in with User ID and Password. For the first time login, you will need to enter either CSCO ID or Registration ID.

Emeritus application requirement

  • Completed application
  • 10 years active history as a CCIE, CCDE, or in both CCIE and CCDE, and an active or suspended status
  • $85.00 annual fee (subject to change year to year)
  • Summary of program participation (detailed in application)

Wear your certification pride with CCIE and CCDE shirts, jackets, and other goodies personalized with your name and certification number.

CCIE Lifetime Emeritus tenure

  • Any active CCIE or CCIE Emeritus that maintains their CCIE active or Emeritus status for 20 consecutive years will be given a CCIE Lifetime Emeritus Benefit.
  • CCIE Lifetime Emeritus means that the holder would retain the CCIE Emeritus status for life without further Emeritus renewal fees. Active CCIEs do not retain an Emeritus status.
  • When a CCIE member that qualifies for CCIE Lifetime Emeritus tenure option fails to recertify their CCIE until the last day of their recertification cycle, they will be automatically granted the CCIE Lifetime Emeritus status to save them from going inactive.
  • A CCIE Lifetime Emeritus may become "active" again by fulfilling CCIE recertification requirements at any time.

Emeritus benefits

  • Permission to use Emeritus logo (subject to Cisco requirements)
  • In situations where the logo is not applicable, the word Emeritus will follow CCIE/CCDE number
  • CCIE/CCDE number is maintained, but now classified as Emeritus status
  • Candidate is recognized for technical proficiency and long-term status within the program
  • Continue to participate in discussion forums, blogs, groups, etc., as an Emeritus
  • Opportunity to re-enter active CCIE/CCDE status by fulfilling the current recertification requirements

Emeritus rules

CCIE/CCDE Emeritus is a non-active status. As such the following rules apply:

  • DOES NOT recertify lower-level certifications
  • DOES NOT provide TAC support privileges or preference
  • DOES NOT count towards Channel/Partner requirements
  • DOES NOT apply towards maintaining status levels for Channel Partners
  • DOES NOT recognize/qualify for CCIE/CCDE anniversary
  • DOES REQUIRE candidates to continue to report violations to the program when encountered

Note: As with the CCIE/CCDE program itself Cisco reserves the right to terminate at any time without specific notice to the candidate. Individuals who are accepted as CCIE/CCDE Emeritus must maintain all ethics and guidelines of the program.