Cisco Meeting Server Sales Essentials

Boost Sales of Cisco Meeting Server

Get a better understanding of Meeting Server, so you can tell its story more powerfully.

Cisco Meeting Server Sales Essentials (Collab100) is a two-hour course that provides students with a basic understanding our Meeting Server solution and its benefits. Upon completion of the course, students will be confident in:

  • Telling the Meeting Server story
  • Demonstrating the Meeting Server solution
  • Mapping out the benefits and possibilities it brings to organizations worldwide

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Courses Offered

Video on Demand

Cisco is pleased to announce the availability of the Cisco Meeting Server Sales Essentials (Collab100) Video on Demand (VOD) class. To access and take the Collab100 VOD class, please click on the URL below:


Virtual Instructor-led Training*

Click on a date below to attend the virtual class of your choice:

Date (2017)


January 14 9-11 a.m., Eastern Time
January 23 8-10 p.m., Eastern Time
February 3 9-11 a.m., Eastern Time
February 6 2-4 p.m., Eastern Time
March 6 8-10 p.m., Eastern Time
March 17 9-11 a.m., Eastern Time

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*Please note: As of March18, 2017 the Cisco Meeting Server Collab100 Virtual Instructor-led Training course (VILT) will no longer be offered. It will be replaced with the Video on Demand (VOD) course.