Cisco Firepower 4100/9300 FXOS Release Notes, 2.4(1)

This document contains release information for Cisco Firepower eXtensible Operating System (FXOS) 2.4(1).

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The Cisco Firepower security appliance is a next-generation platform for network and content security solutions. The Firepower security appliance is part of the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Security Solution and provides an agile, open, secure platform that is built for scalability, consistent control, and simplified management.

The Firepower security appliance provides the following features:

  • Modular chassis-based security system—Provides high performance, flexible input/output configurations, and scalability.

  • Firepower Chassis Manager—Graphical user interface provides a streamlined, visual representation of the current chassis status and allows for simplified configuration of chassis features.

  • FXOS CLI—Provides command-based interface for configuring features, monitoring chassis status, and accessing advanced troubleshooting features.

  • FXOS REST API—Allows users to programmatically configure and manage their chassis.

What's New

New Features in FXOS

Cisco FXOS introduces the following new features in addition to the features included in earlier releases:

New Features in FXOS

Cisco FXOS introduces the following new features in addition to the features included in earlier releases:

New Features in FXOS

Cisco FXOS introduces the following new features in addition to the features included in earlier releases:

New Features in FXOS

Cisco FXOS introduces the following new features in addition to the features included in earlier releases:

New Features in FXOS

Cisco FXOS introduces the following new features in addition to the features included in earlier releases:

New Features in FXOS

Cisco FXOS introduces the following new features:

  • Support for ASA 9.10(1).

  • Support for transparent mode deployment for an ASA logical device.

    You can now specify transparent or routed mode when you deploy the ASA.

    New/Modified FXOS commands: enter bootstrap-key FIREWALL_MODE, set value routed, set value transparent

    New/modified Firepower Chassis Manager screens:

    Logical Devices > Add Device > Settings

    New/Modified options: Firewall Mode drop-down list

  • Cluster control link customizable IP Address.

    By default, the cluster control link uses the network. You can now set the network when you deploy the cluster in FXOS. The chassis auto-generates the cluster control link interface IP address for each unit based on the chassis ID and slot ID: 127.2.chassis_id.slot_id. However, some networking deployments do not allow traffic to pass. Therefore, you can now set a custom /16 subnet for the cluster control link in FXOS except for loopback ( and multicast ( addresses.

    New/Modified commands: set cluster-control-link network

    New/modified screens:

    Logical Devices > Add Device > Cluster Information

    New/Modified options: CCL Subnet IP field


    The CCL Subnet IP field option is supported with ASA 9.9.2 and later and Firepower Threat Defense 6.3.0 and later

  • Support for data EtherChannels in On mode.

    You can now set data and data-sharing EtherChannels to either Active LACP mode or to On mode. Other types of EtherChannels only support Active mode.

    New/Modified screens:

    Interfaces > All Interfaces > Edit Port Channel > Mode

    New/Modified commands: set port-channel-mode

  • You can now enable Radware DefensePro (vDP) with ASA on Firepower 4110 devices.

  • The Radware DefensePro (vDP) application can be deployed in a standalone configuration in an inter-chassis cluster scenario.

  • You now have the option to not send hostname data to Cisco Smart Licensing on Firepower 4100 series devices.

  • You can now acknowledge multiple faults at one time.

  • Firepower Chassis Manager now shows the upload percentage uploading images.

  • Fixes for various problems (see Resolved Bugs in FXOS

Multi-instance capability for Firepower Threat Defense


Requires FTD Version 6.3 or later.

You can now deploy multiple logical devices, each with a Firepower Threat Defense container instance, on a single security engine/module. Formerly, you could only deploy a single native application instance. Native instances are still also supported. For the Firepower 9300, you can use a native instance on some modules, and container instances on the other modules.

To provide flexible physical interface use, you can create VLAN subinterfaces in FXOS and also share interfaces between multiple instances. When you deploy a container instance, you must specify the number of CPU cores assigned; RAM and disk space are dynamically allocated according to the number of cores. This resource management lets you customize performance capabilities for each instance.

You can use High Availability using a container instance on two separate chassis; for example, if you have two chassis, each with ten instances, you can create ten High Availability pairs. Clustering is not supported.


Multi-instance capability is similar to ASA multiple context mode, although the implementation is different. Multiple context mode partitions a single application instance, while multi-instance capability allows independent container instances. Container instances allow hard resource separation, separate configuration management, separate reloads, separate software updates, and full Firepower Threat Defense feature support. Multiple context mode, due to shared resources, supports more contexts on a given platform. Multiple context mode is not available on the Firepower Threat Defense.

See the following maximum container instances per model:

  • Firepower 4110—3

  • Firepower 4120—3

  • Firepower 4140—7

  • Firepower 4150—7

  • Firepower 9300 SM-24 security module—7

  • Firepower 9300 SM-36 security module—11

  • Firepower 9300 SM-44 security module—14

New/Modified Firepower Chassis Manager screens:

Overview > Devices

Interfaces > All Interfaces > Add New drop-down menu > Subinterface

Interfaces > All Interfaces > Type

Logical Devices > Add Device

Platform Settings > Mac Pool

Platform Settings > Resource Profiles

New/Modified FXOS commands:

connect ftd name, connect module telnet, create bootstrap-key PERMIT_EXPERT_MODE, create resource-profile, create subinterface, scope auto-macpool, set cpu-core-count, set deploy-type, set port-type data-sharing, set prefix, set resource-profile-name, set vlan, scope app-instance ftd name, show cgroups container, show interface, show mac-address, show subinterface, show tech-support module app-instance, show version

New/Modified Firepower Management Center screens:

Devices > Device Management > Edit icon > Interfaces tab

FXOS CLI Changes for ASA Applications

FXOS CLI commands used when working with ASA logical devices have been modified.

New/Modified FXOS commands:

connect asa name, create app-instance asa name, scope app-instance asa name, show app-instance asa name

Software Download

You can download software images for FXOS and supported applications from one of the following URLs:

For information about the applications that are supported on a specific version or FXOS, see the Cisco FXOS Compatibility guide at this URL:

Important Notes

  • If you are utilizing the hardware bypass feature, you must upgrade to FXOS In FXOS releases prior to, ports may go to bypass state without a failure event. If this happens, you must use Firepower Management Center to bring the ports back to standby mode.

  • In FXOS 2.4(1), if you are using an IPSec secure channel in FIPS mode, the IPSec peer entity must support RFC 7427.

  • If you reinitialize a security module after upgrading to FXOS 2.4(1), you might receive an error message about disk partitions on that security module being incompatible if you later downgrade to an earlier FXOS release. To resolve this issue, you need to reinitialize the security module again after downgrading.

  • When you configure Radware DefensePro (vDP) in a service chain on a currently running Firepower Threat Defense application on a Firepower 4110 or 4120 device, the installation fails with a fault alarm. As a workaround, stop the Firepower Threat Defense application instance before installing the Radware DefensePro application. Note that this issue and workaround apply to all supported releases of Radware DefensePro service chaining with Firepower Threat Defense on Firepower 4110 and 4120 devices.

  • Firmware Upgrade—We recommend upgrading your Firepower 4100/9300 security appliance with the latest firmware. For information about how to install a firmware update and the fixes included in each update, see

  • When upgrading a network or security module, certain faults are generated and then cleared automatically. These include a “hot swap not supported” fault or a “module removed when in online state” fault. If you have followed the appropriate procedures, as described in the Cisco Firepower 9300 Hardware Installation Guide or Cisco Firepower 4100 Series Hardware Installation Guide, the fault(s) are cleared automatically and no additional action is required.

Adapter Bootloader Upgrade

FXOS 2.4(1) contains additional testing to verify the security module adapters on your security appliance. After installing FXOS or later, you might receive a critical fault similar to the following indicating that you should update the firmware for your security module adapter:

Critical F1715 2017-05-11T11:43:33.121 339561 Adapter 1 on Security Module 1 requires a critical firmware upgrade. Please see Adapter Bootloader Upgrade instructions in the FXOS Release Notes posted with this release.

If you receive the above message, use the following procedure to update the boot image for your adapter:

  1. Connect to the FXOS CLI on your Firepower security appliance. For instructions, see the “Accessing the FXOS CLI” topic in the Cisco Firepower 4100/9300 FXOS CLI Configuration Guide, 2.4(1) or Cisco Firepower 4100/9300 FXOS Firepower Chassis Manager Configuration Guide, 2.4(1).

  2. Enter the adapter mode for the adapter whose boot image you are updating:

    fxos-chassis# scope adapter 1/security_module_number/adapter_number

  3. Enter show image to view the available adapter images and to verify that fxos-m83-8p40-cruzboot. is available to be installed:

    fxos-chassis /chassis/server/adapter # show image
    Name Type Version
    --------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------
    fxos-m83-8p40-cruzboot. Adapter Boot 4.0(1.62)
    fxos-m83-8p40-vic. Adapter 4.0(1.51)
  4. Enter update boot-loader to update the adapter boot image to version

    fxos-chassis /chassis/server/adapter # update boot-loader 4.0(1.62)
    Warning: Please DO NOT reboot blade or chassis during upgrade, otherwise, it may cause adapter to become UNUSABLE!
    After upgrade has completed, blade will be power cycled automatically
    fxos-chassis /chassis/server/adapter* # commit-buffer
  5. Enter show boot-update status to monitor the update status:

    fxos-chassis /chassis/server/adapter # show boot-update status
    State: Updating
    fxos-chassis /chassis/server/adapter # show boot-update status
    State: Ready
  6. Enter show version detail to verify that the update was successful:


    Your show version detail output might differ from the following example. However, verify that Bootloader-Update-Status is “Ready” and that Bootloader-Vers is 4.0(1.62).

    fxos-chassis /chassis/server/adapter # show version detail
    Adapter 1:
    Running-Vers: 5.2(1.2)
    Package-Vers: 2.2(2.17)
    Update-Status: Ready
    Activate-Status: Ready
    Bootloader-Update-Status: Ready
    Startup-Vers: 5.2(1.2)
    Backup-Vers: 5.0(1.2)
    Bootloader-Vers: 4.0(1.62)

System Requirements

You can access the Firepower Chassis Manager using the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox—Version 42 and later

  • Google Chrome—Version 47 and later

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer—Version 11 and later

We tested FXOS 2.4(1) using Mozilla Firefox version 42, Google Chrome version 47, and Internet Explorer version 11. Other versions of these browsers are expected to work. However, if you experience any browser-related issues, we suggest you revert to one of the tested versions.

Upgrade Instructions

You can upgrade your Firepower 9300 or Firepower 4100 series security appliance to FXOS 2.4(1.214) if it is currently running any FXOS 2.0(1) or later build.

For upgrade instructions, see the Cisco Firepower 4100/9300 Upgrade Guide.

Installation Notes

  • Upgrade to FXOS 2.4(1) can take up to 45 minutes. Please plan your upgrade activity accordingly.

  • If you are upgrading a Firepower 9300 or Firepower 4100 series security appliance that is running a standalone logical device or if you are upgrading a Firepower 9300 security appliance that is running an intra-chassis cluster, traffic does not traverse through the device while it is upgrading.

  • If you are upgrading a Firepower 9300 or a Firepower 4100 series security appliance that is part of an inter-chassis cluster, traffic does not traverse through the device being upgraded while it is upgrading. However, the other devices in the cluster continue to pass traffic.

Open and Resolved Bugs

The open and resolved bugs for this release are accessible through the Cisco Bug Search Tool. This web-based tool provides you with access to the Cisco bug tracking system, which maintains information about bugs and vulnerabilities in this product and other Cisco hardware and software products.


You must have a account to log in and access the Cisco Bug Search Tool. If you do not have one, you can register for an account.

For more information about the Cisco Bug Search Tool, see the Bug Search Tool Help & FAQ.

Open Bugs

The following table lists select bugs open at the time of this Release Note publication:

Table 1. Open Bugs Affecting FXOS 2.4(1)
Identifier Description
CSCuw31077 Filter applied to a interface should be validated
CSCux63101 All memory(s) under Memory array shows as unknown in operable column
CSCux77947 Pcap file size not updated properly when data sent at high rate
CSCux98517 Un-decorating data port for VDP should be allowed from Chassis Manager
CSCuz93180 AAA LDAP configuration does not preserve information if validation fails
CSCvc03494 Radware vDP cannot be added into APSolute Vision. As a workaround, you must manually download the device driver and install it into Vision.
CSCvc44522 Log Capacity on Management controller Server1/1 is very low Warning
CSCvd90177 Blade went to fault state after doing a MIO reload on QP-D with FXOS
CSCvj96380 SAM Coupler should force FTW bypass if switch bypass enable fails
CSCvk46399 svc_sam_bladeAG_log core seen after MIO reboot
CSCvk61563 On KP ASA, /root/.ssh is not created after reboot
CSCvm66013 MIO got hung during reboot. Kernel Panic issue seen
CSCvm84592 Filter configs are lost when "Edit Session" is done for a capture session
CSCvo64240 "Service profile ssp-sprof-2 is not associated" warning alarm cannot be acknowledged.
CSCvo68997 FXOS ip-block unable to be recovered sam.configure

Resolved Bugs in FXOS

The following table lists the previously release-noted and customer-found bugs that were resolved in FXOS

Table 2. Resolved Bugs in FXOS
Identifier Description
CSCvn77125 FXOS: copy command should allow for wildcards to transfer multiple files
CSCvo85861 Propagate link-state not shown in FTD CLI
CSCvo90987 Enhancement for debugging link down/flap issues for bcm_usd.log files on customer units
CSCvp10674 FTD may not become online after installing vDP and upgrading FXOS to version 2.4.1
CSCvp15176 Apps installed on firepower devices may report comm failure and assume itself as active/master.
CSCvp21561 Cruz Adaptor crash due to kernel patch incompatible with cruz kernel version
CSCvp40260 Prevent STP and FC frames from being sent to SUP CPU
CSCvp56801 'show tech-support module 1 app-instance <appname> <identifier>' fails when only 1x instance on 4100
CSCvp83437 serial console login using local account succeeds but immediately returns to login prompt

Resolved Bugs in FXOS

The following table lists the previously release-noted and customer-found bugs that were resolved in FXOS

Table 3. Resolved Bugs in FXOS
Identifier Description
CSCvk47441 FXOS 4100/9300: icmp redirect get stuck in FXOS OOB management routing table forever
CSCvk60985 Machine Check events logged. Possible hardware issue. FXOS Blade: mcelog support
CSCvm72541 Speed is 0 in interfaceMapping message if a port-channel's status is down
CSCvn46577 Some SSH sessions to FXOS are not timed out by absolute/session timeout
CSCvn98401 Many 0-byte files in /opt/cisco/platform/logs/corruptConfigs causes LACP problems and instability
CSCvo29067 FXOS upgrade hangs and started generating DME corefiles
CSCvo31071 Traffic drops when a unit is re-joining the cluster.
CSCvo56910 ASA subinterfaces allocated to contexts will stop responding after failover intermittently
CSCvo58998 FXOS Cruz Adapter doesn't validate data sent by logical device causing dropped offloaded packets
CSCvo64091 SSP:Cluster Slave FTD Provisioning failing because "Required external ports not available"
CSCvo75349 FXOS Blade CRUZ FW coredump due to a memory corruption
CSCvo87116 MTS messages stuck in AppAG recv_q
CSCvp09791 FXOS/FTD multi-instance deployments multicast traffic outage

Resolved Bugs in FXOS

The following table lists the previously release-noted and customer-found bugs that were resolved in FXOS

Table 4. Resolved Bugs in FXOS
Identifier Description
CSCvn31390 Computing Processor PortSmash Side-Channel Information Disclosure Vuln
CSCvn42582 FXOS "Reminder to trigger an export" is changed from disable to enable after reboot
CSCvn48162 NTP communication errors may cause duplicate entries in iptables resulting in HB errors
CSCvn56156 Silent packet drops may occur on FXOS platforms due to classifier table entry corruption
CSCvn77641 SSP fail to wire ports cannot recover
CSCvn78014 Graceful shutdown is not working on data port.
CSCvn90677 During FTD install, setting the disk partition size can silently fail
CSCvn90701 Errors that occur during FTD install are not logged
CSCvn93793 Failover does not occur in the event of an SSD failure
CSCvo10712 SMA creates a new file every minute if cspCfgXml is corrupted
CSCvo28623 detects left over metadata json file after failed upgrade
CSCvo28634 MIO reports incorrect status to the app-instance
CSCvo30356 Port-channels are in suspended state after upgrade
CSCvo44029 Fail to wire port pair got into bypass state when the FTD was still up and running

Resolved Bugs in FXOS

The following table lists the previously release-noted and customer-found bugs that were resolved in FXOS

Table 5. Resolved Bugs in FXOS
Identifier Description
CSCvm53282 FTD: Routing tables added by ICMP redirects gets stuck in routing table cache forever
CSCvn23221 Cruz ASIC crash due to ecpumgr assertion panic
CSCvn36413 upgrade-recovery corner case for specific versioning format/naming

Resolved Bugs in FXOS

The following table lists the previously release-noted and customer-found bugs that were resolved in FXOS

Table 6. Resolved Bugs in FXOS
Identifier Description
CSCvg72548 Double VLAN headers observed in Maverick front and backplane packet captures
CSCvj06276 FXOS: Cannot retrieve correct disk usage value (/dev/sdaX) by snmpwalk
CSCvk09976 Packets are not captured when same filter is applied to both phy-port & app-port for same interface
CSCvm21278 Evaluation of ssp for CVE-2018-5391 (FragmentSmack)
CSCvm33545 Clock drift in the system causes ndmain to report the service down status
CSCvm73853 Firepower Chassis Reloads on License Manager running in FXOS
CSCvn02840 Port type for sdExternalPortLink is unknown when upgrading from 2.2.2 to 2.4.1
CSCvn08869 FCM: Image version fetching hang in Logical Devices page
CSCvn11768 Application CSP should not be deleted if application instance references it
CSCvn17585 FXOS: Unexpected reload due to dcosAG crash

Resolved Bugs in FXOS

The following table lists the previously release-noted and customer-found bugs that were resolved in FXOS

Table 7. Resolved Bugs in FXOS
Identifier Description
CSCuy21573 Chassis Manager: Sorting Broken in Updates Page
CSCvf70180 FCM is sending the DNS search domain list to ASDM instead of just one domain
CSCvg57022 Chassis Mgr:Incorrect timezone on login detail information
CSCvg57037 Chassis Mgr:Password “Set:Yes” or No appears at incorrect place (Japanese language)
CSCvg62443 Chassis Manger UI (Logical Devices page) doesn't show correct IP of FTD device
CSCvg67730 put cap on blade core files so as to avoid incomplete blade tech-support due to low disk space
CSCvg71168 asa is started even on a failed security module
CSCvg72559 Enabling packet capture with IPv6 filter failed

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