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Cisco Optics

Innovation for the 400G era and beyond.

Network transformation with world-class optics

As data rates increase, optics become more critical to the network. From the campus, to the data center, to the service provider network, Cisco is leading the market with innovations in optics and silicon photonics that will drive more robust optics into networks.

Multi-vendor interoperability

Extensive system-level testing and unmatched technical expertise enable Cisco optics to be successfully used across Cisco and multi-vendor platforms.

Our strategic supply chain diversity and world-class service capabilities provide the high network availability and peace of mind you need for your network.

What’s so special about Cisco optics? 

Why Cisco optics?

High volume

More than 10 million transceivers shipped per year.

Breadth of portfolio

1 Gbps to 400 Gbps speeds, industry standards compliant designs.

Exceptional field quality

Less than 100 parts per million field return rate.

Industry-leading expertise

Switch, router, and optics expertise combined with global technical support.

Innovation for 400G and beyond

To support the bandwidth requirements in next-generation data center and service provider networks, Cisco provides the optical modules for 400 Gbps and beyond. These investments enable optical devices with lower power in a smaller footprint.

Optics pioneer

Cisco leads optics innovation with our investments and commitments in leading technologies, such as silicon photonics. These investments enable Cisco to bring to market higher capacity and smaller optical devices which consume less power.

Cisco optics meet network quality and reliability standards with a rigorous qualification process that includes multi-vendor testing and system qualification. Our diversity of component sources ensures a robust supply chain. Our global footprint ensures shorter lead times with global service and fulfillment hubs.