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Integrate security wherever data is present

Keep consumer data safe, secure assets, and simplify regulatory and process compliance. With the increase of in-store digital technologies connected to the brand’s network along with an increased mobile workforce and customer base, retailers need to follow an integrated security approach. Always stay ahead.

Our approach to solving your challenge

Leverage our full-scale partner ecosystem to meet your retail objectives.

Featured Resources

Security customer montage

Read about how 3 retailers provide a rich customer experience by proactively going against security threats. (PDF - 2.4 MB)

Cisco's cybersecurity report

Discover the latest expert findings in cybersecurity and understand how attackers behave today

Complex retail security

Retail analyst IHL Services talk about how to make security work for your retail business.

Threat defense for retail capabilities

Data access

Prevent shadow IT and ensure security by managing access to data based on device and role


Enforce segmentation policies for security and compliance with an end-to-end solution

Malware protection

Protect against the delivery and installation of malware across all devices and for all purposes, ensuring secure data transfer


Ensure users at every level are appropriately authenticated on to devices and the network