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Intelligent Operations

IT optimization jump-starts digital retail

Retailers are adding more digital technologies in their environment than ever before. Keep IT working for you with the right foundational tools to keep the business running while maximizing efficiency, reducing waste, and keeping down costs.

Capabilities and solutions

Equipment monitoring

Reduce operational costs with central visibility and control of gateways, devices, and applications at the edge to ensure continually optimized equipment.

Application performance management

Cisco and AppDynamics provide application intelligence to improve user experience and business outcomes.

Smart and efficient buildings

Reduce costs and optimize resources in a sustainable approach to building management.

Multi-cloud connectivity

Securely and seamlessly connect your entire retail organization to cloud applications and services, leveraging the right segmentation for your environment.

Featured resources

Strengthening the chain

Read about how retailers can connect their retail systems for greater agility.

Digital foundation for your value chain

See how suppliers, distributors, and associates can stay connected for greater retail efficiency.

Digital retail comes to life when the store connects the online and offline experiences.

Enable the cloud edge

View eight ways to enable the cloud edge for retail with the Catalyst 8K.

Domino's digital experience delivers sales

Having a common infrastructure worldwide is the best way to go. ... It's a plug-and-play experience. We can flex our overall capacity seamlessly and accelerate.

Kevin Vasconi. Chief Information Officer, Domino's Pizza

Take the virtual reality tour

Take a virtual tour of our Connected Cisco Store in San Jose to see our retail solutions in a living, functional store environment.