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R&D and Manufacturing for Life Sciences

Make connections that speed time to market

Digital technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), make it possible for you to improve clinical trials, boost customer engagement, and maximize operational efficiency. Do it all in a highly secure, connected life sciences environment.

Cisco life sciences solutions help you get treatments to market faster for improved population health and a better bottom line.

Accelerate life sciences R&D and manufacturing

Improve research productivity

Empower collaboration among researchers. Facilitate drug discovery and make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Streamline operations and processes

Save time and resources with automation, connected machines, and data insights, from the supply chain to the factory.

Improve the patient experience

Enhance recruitment and retention through seamless communication. Empower easy engagement, outreach, and follow-up.

Mitigate security risks

Maintain regulatory compliance and enhance security for your IP, messages, video, voice, research data, and production.

Protect the data behind innovative therapies

Our R&D yields enormous amounts of intellectual property and sensitive data that must be safely exchanged with numerous international regulatory authorities. Information security is a top priority, which is why we've trusted Cisco Cloud Web Security and invested in continual improvement initiatives to strengthen protection.

Keld Moller, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Lundbeck

Life sciences IT solutions

Unified Communications and endpoints

Simplify the meeting experience for staff, researchers, and clinical trial participants with easy-to-use solutions that unify voice, video, data, mobile applications, and endpoints.

Cisco Contact Center

Improve the clinical trial experience by personalizing services, increasing outreach capabilities, and providing seamless subject follow-up.

Factory management

Deliver flexible automation with near-zero downtime. Build a unified, converged factory network that provides real-time visibility and insights.


Facilitate IP protection from ransomware and other malware to keep your research and factories safe.


Cisco Services help healthcare IT teams worldwide design, manage, and maintain digital business platforms for healthcare organizations.