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You can’t protect what you can’t see

You already own your most powerful security tool – the enterprise network. Are you using it? Cisco Network Security Analytics unlocks the power of your network to quickly detect and mitigate threats, including targeted attacks, ransomware, insider threats, new and emerging threats, and more.

What is Network Security Analytics?

Cisco Network Security Analytics is critical to network security architecture. It analyzes data for malicious behavior using multiple threat detection techniques, including machine learning and predictive network analytics. It is effective at identifying new, emerging, and unknown threats, which is vital in today's dynamic threat landscape.

Attackers excel at bypassing security controls. Traditional threat detection solutions rely on signatures and other predetermined attributes, whereas Network Security Analytics detects changes in user behavior that could signify a cyber threat, like unusually high traffic to a sensitive database.

Eventually, every threat touches the network, and these tools can help pinpoint suspicious activity that evades other solutions.


Activate your network for security

Detect advanced threats

Quickly detect threat activity, including those hiding in encrypted traffic, by combining network traffic telemetry with sophisticated security analytics, such as behavioral modeling and multilayered machine learning.

Accelerate incident response

Investigate security alerts to find the root cause in just a few clicks. With additional contextual information from ISE, understand exactly who and what to attribute to a security event. Send alerts to Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for Rapid Threat Containment.

Easy network segmentation

Understand what users and devices interact with specific network resources to better craft segmentation policies. Then model these policies before enforcing them to identify any potential disruptions before they occur.

Protecting healthcare with Cisco Network Security Analytics

With 300-plus care sites, including 12 hospitals, Sentara Healthcare provides a highly secure, digital care environment using Cisco Network Security Analytics.

Listen to the experts

An independent analysis found Cisco Encrypted Traffic Analytics delivers impressively fast, efficient, and intelligent threat detection using machine learning and security analytics.

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