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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Operationalize your AI/ML projects faster with an end-to-end data lifecycle approach.

Cisco AI/ML computing solutions deliver...

Valuable insights

Gain faster insights that deliver business value with our GPU-accelerated systems.

Proven solutions

Demystify AI/ML in the data center through proven solutions developed with industry leaders.

Increased productivity

The Cisco UCS C480 ML server provides the accelerated compute performance and capacity needed to train complex deep-learning models.

My AI/ML solution needs to...

Reduce time to insights

See how AI helps the Cisco e-commerce team process thousands of manual orders faster.

Help me get started quickly

Operationalize your machine learning workflows faster with Cisco Kubeflow starter pack.

Make my data scientists happy

Discover which steps you can take to reduce the gap between IT and data scientist teams.

Accelerate your AI journey

Discover how to overcome the challenges of operationalizing your AI projects at scale.

News and events

Collaboration matters for AI

ESG analyzes the impact of collaboration on data science success.

Support for NVIDIA A100 GPU

Bring unprecedented acceleration and flexibility to your AI workloads with the NVIDIA A100 GPU.

GPU-accelerated Apache Spark

Accelerate distributed deep learning workloads on Apache Spark 3.0 with NVIDIA GPUs

Inferencing at the edge

See how this retail solution uses image recognition technology for shelf monitoring and inventory management.

Cisco HyperFlex AP and AI/ML

Learn what the recently introduced Cisco HyperFlex AP brings to AI/ML.

Inferencing at the edge with Cisco HyperFlex

Find out how Cisco UCS and HyperFlex with 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors can deliver the compute power you need to run your AI workloads at the edge.

Speed UCS analytics and automation with services

Accelerate business agility and infrastructure efficiency with IT expertise, technical services, and ML training. We offer a lifecycle of UCS services directly and through certified partners to deliver faster data center transformation.

Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor Cisco HyperFlex or Cisco UCS systems with Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor

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