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Scalable secondary storage that won't break the bank

Digital transformation has created an explosion of new data. Legacy storage appliances simply don’t scale. And moving data into the cloud can send your storage costs through the roof. A new approach has emerged that brings together the simplicity and agility of cloud with the cost benefits of industry standard servers.

This is software defined storage with Cisco UCS.

Storage that keeps up with your business

Software defined storage disaggregates traditional storage systems creating an infinitely scalable pool of storage using cost effective industry standard servers. With Cisco UCS, true stateless computing simplifies the underlying complexity.

Cloud-like scalability

Cisco UCS Software Defined Storage.
Solutions scale from Terabytes to Petabytes in minutes.

Lower storage costs

Significant savings in up-front costs over legacy appliances or long-term costs of cloud storage.

Proven compatibility

Rigorous testing ensures compatibility and validation for joint reference architectures.

Need some extra help?

Get centralized support when you're using more than one vendor. Cisco services offer a primary point of contact, solution-focused expertise, and coordination between vendors.

Cisco UCS is #1 in SDS

Cisco UCS won five out of six categories for best servers for software defined storage.

    News and events

    SwiftStack now on Cisco GPL

    Cisco and Swiftstack come together to improve the meet in the channel experience.

    Cisco and IBM team up on storage

    New Cisco Validated Design for IBM Cloud Object Storage for VersaStack on Cisco UCS.

    Scality advances with Cisco UCS

    New Cisco Validated Design for Scality RING object storage on Cisco UCS.

    Data center storage. Redefined.

    Hear from our partners why Software Defined Storage is better on Cisco UCS.

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