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Offering Choice, Efficiency, and Innovation

Organizations are under pressure to become more competitive and agile. At the same time, IT complexity is slowing down CIOs’ ability to help lead their companies into new markets and deliver new services faster.

Together, Cisco and Red Hat work with companies to provide choice in how their business evolves. We deliver the most comprehensive open solutions for data center modernization, hybrid cloud, and big data. These integrated and validated solutions empower IT to deliver positive business outcomes with speed and scale while setting the foundation for efficiency and competitive gain.

Through this partnership, customers have access to the largest open partner ecosystem, a collaborative support model, and a number of other benefits:

  • Improved time to market with dynamic development and delivery capabilities
  • Increased business agility with optimized automation
  • Improved efficiency and cost control with the capability to expand and contract resources
  • Investment protection with an open architecture
  • Application portability across private, public, and hybrid clouds
  • Reduced deployment times (up to 90 percent faster)

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Rethink the future: Modernize Your Infrastructure


Is your old IT infrastructure holding you back? If your business success is challenged by an aging infrastructure and the inability to respond to business demands, it's time to rethink the future of your IT infrastructure.


Years ago, RISC and UNIX may have been the right platform to run your business, but now, companies are experiencing difficulties with these platforms. RISC and UNIX simply are not able to meet business flexibility and agility requirements. And CIOs realize this. By 2017, Linux will be among the most popular server operating systems in the world.*


We fully recognize that Linux is a new industry standard. The x86 architecture has matured into the de facto industry standard, fostering a rich application, operating system, server, and partner ecosystem. The majority of enterprises are adopting Intel® Xeon® processors in all aspects of enterprise computing, taking advantage of the improved economics and flexibility of industry-standard architectures.

To keep up with your ever-growing business demands, you need to modernize to Cisco UCS running Red Hat software, delivered by industry leaders: Cisco in integrated infrastructure, Red Hat in Open Source.

Cisco and Red Hat can help you:

  • Standardize on a modern infrastructure
  • Migrate and consolidate applications
  • Accelerate infrastructure performance
  • Reduce capital expenditures and operational costs


  • Cisco Data Center Migration Service for RISC/UNIX

Solution Brief

Cisco Validated Designs

Deploy Cloud with Confidence

Simplify your OpenStack cloud deployment and get faster access to the benefits of agile infrastructure. Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform streamlines the process of deploying a reliable, secure, highly scalable, and fully supported open cloud that you manage yourself. Industry leaders Cisco, Intel, and Red Hat have integrated and validated solutions to help you:

  • Reduce OpenStack deployment complexity and risk
  • Maintain the flexibility of your cloud environment
  • Reduce cloud operating costs and accelerate return on investment

These integrated solutions combine computing, networking, storage, management, and cloud orchestration into a single platform for deploying private cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service. As an alternative to the fully managed Cisco Metapod solution, these solutions are for organizations with the expertise to self-manage their OpenStack environment and a desire to make independent decisions about which OpenStack components to implement. The solution is based on Cisco Validated Design and Deployment Guides including a proven configuration and bill of materials, Cisco Solution Support across all vendor components, and expert OpenStack design and deployment services.


Cisco Validated Designs

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Ceph Storage

FlexPod with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Improve Business Outcomes Using Big Data

Your company has so much information that can be used to bring intelligence to your business decisions. But do you have the infrastructure and tools to manage that endless and often disparate data? Cisco and Red Hat deliver validated and proven infrastructure solutions for big data initiatives with the Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for Big Data with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These cost-effective and proven platforms accelerate data loading and run big data and analysis faster. This helps you identify trends, predict behavior, and empower decision makers.

The groundbreaking architecture of Cisco UCS has transformed the data center with a unified and programmable design. This helps you cost-effectively grow and manage your infrastructure as your data clusters increase in size. It also gives you the capability to scale up to 10,000 high-performance servers-delivering on your big data initiatives, and more easily homing in on the insights your business requires to compete effectively.

  • Improve business intelligence
  • Automate big data processes
  • Increase performance of big data deployments
  • Gain insight in less time