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Supporting Health Systems Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Updated:April 20, 2020

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Updated:April 20, 2020

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Healthcare systems are experiencing unprecedented challenges in delivering care

Healthcare providers are rapidly deploying new workflows due to COVID-19 and are experiencing a surge in demand for virtual care, evaluation and testing, and temporary field hospitals and clinics. You need a trusted technology partner to help you adapt and scale to serve patients and staff during this global pandemic. Cisco is here to help.

With Cisco, you can provide secure, efficient care throughout the continuum of care delivery, and enable virtual communication between healthcare providers, patients, and administrative staff to reduce physical contact. To meet the demand for testing and evaluation facilities, Cisco can help you connect temporary field hospitals and clinics to triage and diagnose patients.


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We can help you:

      Manage increased volume of patient calls and schedule appointments as needed

      Provide remote consultation and care through voice and video technology

      Conduct large-scale video broadcasts for employees and care teams to share knowledge and expertise

      Support temporary expansion of healthcare facilities including hospitals and clinics

Use Cases

Manage the increased volume of care resulting from COVID-19

We understand the urgency you’re facing to meet the needs of your patients, clinicians and staff during this difficult time. We can optimize the investments you’ve already made in networking, collaboration, security and data center and Customer Experience, and help you scale.

Cisco Healthcare solutions enable you to:

  Keep up with the increased volume of patient care and serve more patients through telehealth and provider video consult. Quickly adopt virtual healthcare.
  Empower healthcare staff to work remotely where possible through administrative collaboration. Verify user identities and access resources from remote locations with Cisco Secure Remote Worker.
  Scale capacity to handle the volume of patient calls and provide faster response times through Cisco Contact Center.
  Expand access to care through temporary field hospitals to triage patients and provide care. Accelerate deployment with expertise from Customer Experience. Choose the products that work best for you with the Rapid Response Network Bundle and Meraki offer for healthcare.


We’re here to help

For additional information on our solutions, visit our Cisco Healthcare Portfolio Explorer and check out what Cisco is doing to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking for resources to get started with telehealth? Visit this virtual healthcare page.


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